Example sentences of "[no cls] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 Do n't kn tell me the er if you tell me the
2 The next point that I wanted to turn to is who the duty of care is owed owed to , er as I understand it the present law is quite clear .
3 er As I understand it the cost will be offset by the National Asthma Campaign .
4 Er but that 's er as I see it the role of the local plan in relation to policy such as E two .
5 So the gradient gives you a mea If I gave you the gradient , if I said the gradient is one , what would the angle be ?
6 and I 'm seeing the surgeon today and erm and I met somebody the other day who 'd had it done and his fingers were n't affected , you know , so I mean it 's just the luck of the draw I think .
7 All average rents on our stock across the whole of the south east is twenty seven pounds a week erm , I think is , is the figure now the bulk of that funded down to the old er regime that we had from the housing corporation where we got er , a lot more grant and we had the residual line and the money we 've had to borrow ourselves for the scheme was actually from the corporation themselves that all changed in the ninety eighty eight housing act and we now get a fixed er , sum of monies , it 's fixed percentage of local cost from the housing corporation and the balance has to be borrowed from a private lender just like anybody else going out and and buying a home , if you like er , from a , a bank , from a building society or somebody like that and we have to charge a rent er to the property that will repay that loan and , the way in which we actually do it is , is we charge a lower rent and actually who pays the rent quite substantially below that er , because erm the rent on these properties if we i if we charge what the the housing corporation 's grant as it 's set would be round about ten , twelve pounds more expensive than that .
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