Example sentences of "[am/are] [verb] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 If the same dose and type of insulin are given at the same time each day and either the food intake or the amount of physical activity fluctuates to a significant degree , the consequences are going to be unacceptable hyperglycaemia or hypoglycaemia .
2 Since threadworms can spread so easily , it is recommended that all the family are treated at the same time .
3 Rapid nucleation is a zeroth-order process in which the growth centres are formed at the same time , and for each growth unit listed in table 11.3 , the corresponding values of the exponent would be .
4 The cashier holds the other key and the safe deposit box can only be opened if both locks are operated at the same time .
5 A number of products or components are made at the same time , but not on a continuous basis .
6 And we 're talking at the same time as well ?
7 CASE 3 — both Case 1 and Case 2 above are requested at the same time .
8 Some hangars have doors at each end and these make a good wind tunnel if both ends are opened at the same time .
9 When one or more applications are opened at the same time ( each in its own window ) one application can be chosen to be active whilst the others remain idle but ready for use .
10 to swimming pools terraces paths drives walls gates and fences unless the Private Dwelling or its out-buildings are damaged at the same time
11 o Damage to or resulting from movement of solid floor slabs unless the foundations beneath the exterior walls of the dwelling are damaged at the same time .
12 I thought Eng v SM was 16th & Pol vs Hol 17th but I 've heard that they 've been rescheduled so that they are played at the same time .
13 However , issues like those listed above can only begin to be seriously addressed if more fundamental assumptions about primary practice are challenged at the same time .
14 So this means that when using the Fair Isle option from the design screen , both colours are knitted at the same time within the same row .
15 I 'm working at the same time .
16 But the signals will get through only if there is budget discipline : if , in other words , the still massive indirect subsidies to factories — tax exemptions , soft credits , loans — are cut at the same time .
17 In data manipulation on a parallel computer all bits of a word are processed at the same time , while on a serial computer the bits of a word are processed one after another .
18 The context of speech-making and the techniques and conventions that have been developed ensure that many sides of a case are put at the same time as maintaining the proprieties due to different statuses .
19 Fourteen drums of crushed flint and water are ground at the same time .
20 NOTE Some drugs can be dangerous when they are taken at the same time as alcohol .
21 Ensuring that tax and spending decisions are taken at the same time will allow better control over Government borrowing …
22 The same story is being drawn out in group 3 ( Republics group ) where Spain and Denmark are playing at the same time as the two Irelands are playing .
23 In applying the requirements of the [ draft ] FRS capital instruments which are issued at the same time in a composite transaction should be considered together .
24 Also , if you and your Spouse are both covered by the Plan and are hospitalised at the same time , your cover will again be doubled — giving you £160 each , if hospitalised at the same time following an accident .
25 If both the loft ladder and step ladder are ordered at the same time there is a £2 reduction off the total price .
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