Example sentences of "[adv prt] [conj] it [is] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 CICS/6000 is a good product , Data Logic argues , but falls down because it is now caught up in the world of IBM marketing strategy .
2 Even rotted FYM must be further broken down before it is fully used .
3 Below-the-collarbone lengths tend to drag your face down when it 's already suffering from the effects of gravity .
4 ‘ In fact , it 's been one of the most exciting things that I 've worked on and it 's certainly changed my career . ’
5 I du n no quite how erm er much er of other people 's conversation it 's picking up but it 's probably picking me up er
6 We have got to live with it , hopefully we can put barriers up but it is here to stay and it will get worse .
7 Erm , you ca n't put that on till it 's really broken down can you ?
8 Supporters of this option claim it reinstates the spectacle of demo-cracy , while critics content themselves with pointing out that it is currently used in Iceland , Bosnia , and parts of Turkey .
9 After a while , a stream develops on the right which you have to cross by the plank bridge hidden among the trees — watch out because it 's easily missed .
10 the results are impressive as the steam seals the meat and stops the protein oozing out as it is already setting in the joint .
11 All in all , it 's young , it 's fun , it 's what life is all about and it 's fast becoming one of the top resorts in this part of the world .
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