Example sentences of "[adv prt] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 You know it does pour in if you have nought the week before anything you get is pouring in .
2 Because that way it stays on if you do it the other way it 'll drop off it 's as simple as that , okay , cover the pad and as you spiral up the arm all you need to do is to cover about two thirds of what you 've just done before , just like a spiral , you find the bandages , the more you use those roller bandages of yours the worse they get to control because they lose their , you know , nice and stretchiness , so you just do , cover up the pad at the top , tie always on the top of the arm never underneath here .
3 Sometimes I think we 'd be better off if we did what the animals do .
4 I sat up and he gave me the handkerchief out of his pyjama pocket .
5 But Mary was out so I gave him the letter and began to tell him about the trouble at home .
6 Keep them out and you deny them the chance to share in our unpopularity .
7 And I sha n't come back until I remember what the great Daybog said , " This news made the old man very sad , for he loved Yanek the best of his three grandsons .
8 All the girls helped her to get the fire going , spread the tablecloth , put out the cups and plates , laughing and whispering and bustling about as they showed her the places and secrets of the kitchen , the room that was now her room .
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