Example sentences of "[vb -s] been [adv] for a [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Hypnosis has been around for a long , long time .
2 Europe has been around for a few thousand years and to be the first European under ten seconds … well !
3 litre turbocharged engine , a revamped version of the Ford diesel unit which has been around for a few years .
4 The social dimension of the Community has been there for a long time .
5 I mean he 's , I think we 'll miss him , but I think he 's entitled to a move he 's been here for a little while
6 I mean surely that is a subject that 's been around for a hundred years ?
7 The problem 's been around for a long time , but what 's new is that in an age when women are releasing themselves from stereotypical roles of submission , it 's the men still locked into emotionally repressive macho fantasies who are having all the problems .
8 Well I think it 's been open to any higher education institution to grab this idea because it 's been around for a long time , the great beauty of Napier is to some degree it 's a centre of excellence it 's got its B A course so has Queen Margaret but at the bottom end but why should I say the bottom end at the bottom end it 's got the B A communications course at the top end it 's got apprentice training for printers .
9 Er although most people think it 's been there for a long time , it has n't .
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