Example sentences of "[vb infin] [adv] from time to time " in BNC.

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1 Indeed it is vital that they should do so from time to time .
2 Other sorts of dates do , however , crop up from time to time , namely the regnal year of a particular ruler , such as one of the Ptolemaic kings of Egypt .
3 However , business lunches may crop up from time to time — and also evening invitations which involve dining at restaurants .
4 Peter erm you 'll see around from time to time , he does all the design stuff erm and Christine erm looks after all the hangings and and stuff .
5 Peace with France came and food prices fell , but mob rule in Cornwall could still take over from time to time .
6 Does she go there from time to time ?
7 ‘ But she would come in from time to time to inspect the ingredients and make sure everything was fresh , nothing frozen , dried or packeted , especially not the orange juice for breakfast , which had to be freshly squeezed from three kilos of oranges .
8 I might not always be there exactly when you want me , but I 'll check in from time to time .
9 The United States would dive in from time to time with a huge splash which , however , would soon subside .
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