Example sentences of "[vb infin] [pron] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 Er a similar cautious approach which none of them took yesterday when on examination it was found that there was more potential there than before , erm so to help with the figures I have found very helpful erm appendix eight to the er York City Council erm statement , I think it appears in both of their statements appendix eight Greater York housing provision sorry , could could I also direct you at the same time to the County Council 's N Y five appendix three now the , the two make interesting comparisons because they both start of with the same H one proposal of nine thousand seven hundred dwellings , and I 'll remind you there , sir , that only five thousand seven hundred of those are required by the existing population , four thousand of those are for migrants , and the two schedules go of in slightly different directions under the heading of completions , and the reason for that , sir , is that the the Greater York , the er County Council 's figures , as you can see were computed in October nineteen ninety two when only seven hundred dwellings had been completed , yet six months later , under item C for the Greater York er housing provision figure , York Ci York City Council figures , the completions were one thousand and sixty three .
2 You can not do everything at the same time .
3 That was going to be in May so we needed it to ship in April so I said , well you 've got to you 've got to still finish it at the same time .
4 If you want one , we can do it at the same time as the valuation , at a reduced fee , but we must be told at the outset .
5 He so concentrated on his dialogue — I never had to reshoot a scene because Kenny fluffed a line — that he could n't do anything at the same time as he was talking . ’
6 Signed Danish is not Danish , when you can not hear/distinguish the words — but another type of sign language , which has the primary advantage that hearing people can use it at the same time as they use spoken language , and the secondary advantage is that some — and only some — rules applying to the spoken language are conveyed to the deaf child .
7 He he did n't make one at the same time as , you know , to actually show the folds and that
8 So you could , yeah , you 've got his telephone number anyway , so you can also phone him at the same time .
9 Do you just have it at the same time ?
10 Ah , did you press them at the same time ?
11 This not only keeps it in place , but it also feels nice for your partner and means you can stroke yourself at the same time .
12 People will still receive them at the same time the story appears in the newspaper .
13 I do n't think you can both stir it at the same time .
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