Example sentences of "[is] [adv] that [pers pn] do [adv] " in BNC.

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1 SIR JACOB : It is right that she do n't seem desirous to drown the remembrance of her original in her education .
2 I think we have to be a little bit careful about this because , of course , erm the feeling is not that once they 've been in the job for a little while that they are still amateurs , it 's merely that we do n't require them to know a great deal about what they 're going to do before they start .
3 Now if you notice Carol 's movements , they are always in a an upward direction and the reason for this is so that you do n't drag the skin , so when you 're whatever you 're doing with your face , whe , when you 're cleansing , toning , and moisturize , always try and keep the movements going up because you do n't want to stretch the face , you do n't want to make any any loose skin any looser than it is
4 that 's so that we do n't have to mess about with it , it , it
5 No , though these are my gloves , it 's so that I do n't get perspiration on the , on the dress , yes , or rings or anything , so
6 ‘ It is not that we do n't like banks , just , well , I 've never even had a personal overdraft . ’
7 When Sly Stallone ( wearing , these days , more eye-liner than Sophia Loren ) is up there , playing it for laughs on the set , the worst thing is not that you do n't laugh , but that you feel anxious for him .
8 ‘ It is not that I do n't long for my former mate , But because of you I wo n't reach my flock . ’
9 It is just that I do n't know what the man will do .
10 Well that 's debatable I think they 've got plenty of people up here to do it it 's just that they do n't want to do it .
11 It 's just that we do rather more sophisticated versions sometimes of very similar things which are done at school , but they might be done more precisely , simply in a rather more sophisticated way .
12 Perhaps it 's just that we do n't have enough of those long , thin granite cracks .
13 It 's just that we do n't do it grammatically .
14 It 's just that we do n't want anything to ruffle the Khedive 's hair just when the negotiations are approaching a delicate stage . ’
15 They might have been done , it 's just that we do n't know .
16 I do n't Albert do n't mind going for her cigs , but it 's just that we do n't get up early in the morning , you know , and if me mum 's ringing at eight o'clock in the morning , 'cos she got no cigs .
17 Yeah , we can always get hold of them it 's just that we do n't carry them , we 're a small branch you see
18 ‘ It 's just that I do n't like wasting my energy worrying about things I can do nothing about , ’ Sally said matter-of-factly .
19 ‘ No , it 's just that I do n't like casual affairs . ’
20 ‘ It 's just that I do n't like leaving places — or people , ’ Ruth said .
21 ‘ Not a bit , it 's just that I do n't tell anything , you see , and the Community likes that , they feel I 'm part of them .
22 It 's just that I do n't have the same taste as she does and she always wants me to have what she wants .
23 It 's just that I do n't know if he loves me — or even cares .
24 ‘ It 's just that I do n't find it very difficult to multiply one number by another . ’
25 However , he still spends £150 a week on records , saying ‘ It 's just that I do n't feel so judgemental about music any more . ’
26 I do n't really want to be seen as part of the team and it 's not because I do n't like them — they 're all nice people — it 's just that I do n't want to be The Word 's latest wanker .
27 ‘ It 's just that I do n't see that many people these days and when there 's company …
28 ‘ It 's just that I do n't trust him .
29 ‘ It 's just that I do n't think Hugo or Georgina would do the job as well as you do .
30 ‘ It 's just that I do n't want Officer Banana-Split Hassan to start harassing Fernand unnecessarily . ’
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