Example sentences of "[to-vb] [pers pn] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 The footwells need cutting and rewelding for a V8 , so it would be easier to repair yours at the same time as , if you buy a new bulkhead , it will need chopping and welding just the same .
2 What 's probably happening is that you are trying to tell them you are annoyed but also saying you still want them to like you at the same time .
3 Are you supposed to press them at the same time ?
4 I wanted us both to read it at the same time . ’
5 They were almost shouting at one another , and both seemed to realise it at the same time .
6 A series which is broadcast each week has a number of features designed into it to help viewers recognise " their " programme and encourage them to watch it at the same time every week .
7 But I ca n't afford to get it at the same time anyway cos he he wo n't be down
8 Jeff had rung to tell her — and to tell her at the same time that Silvia had passed her exams with flying colours .
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