Example sentences of "like be [prep] " in BNC.

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1 If you were it probably be a bit different than it actually is dad said to me once that if he , that if he 'd like been in charge of it we 'd of gone to the Leeds and not St Augustine 's
2 Whether it was because she knew she was my baby and did not like being with ward Sister , I shall not know , but she only gained two ounces the first week .
3 ‘ I do n't like being up three flights of stairs at night without a candle .
4 ‘ Ah , well , you see , Beryl does n't like being on her own in the house at night . ’
5 She did n't like immobility , she did n't like being on her own , and she did n't like the fact that the wallet still had n't been given back to her , not when she 'd nicked it at great personal risk .
6 Do n't you like being on tape ?
7 ‘ But you did n't like being at home , ’ said Breeze gently .
8 I do n't like being without a woman for long . ’
9 He did n't like being in a position of ignorance on any subject , and started probing .
10 What 's it say that the people who do n't like being in groups
11 Do you like being in the bath with your father ?
12 At her parents home in Parkgate , The Grange , she said : ‘ I do n't intend to start smoking and I do n't like being in the company of people who smoke , especially when we are on holiday abroad and people smoke at the table . ’
13 ‘ I do n't like being in hospitals , ’ she complained to the consultant .
14 and this woman , she 's ninety odd and she does n't like being in the room on her own so when she goes to bed mum goes with her .
15 What Muslim men do n't like is for their women to work outside the home , potentially in the company of strange men .
16 What I would like is for us to be able to poke about a bit ; see if there are any angles in the Livesey case that might lead back to this girl .
17 And erm what I 'd like is for Dennis is to explain a little about how far we 've actually got with the C E D G approach to the introduction of I S O Nine Thousand .
18 But erm what we would like is for any of you who are actually here at that time to attend that mass and to be involved in some way , to do some sort of erm service .
19 What I would like is for all the Councillors to look at this , to advise me which other seats they think are indeed the responsibility of and then I 'll go back and go to battle but er I 'd like everybody 's views on which ones they believe they are so that I can do it firmly .
20 Erm but one of the things they did not like is for erm to have a sales consultant on the medical practice for three weeks using their
21 ‘ What I 'd really like is to be a ploughshare .
22 I 've had my health put right so now all I 'd like is to be rich and famous .
23 I mean if you speak three different languages you could use three different words to put the same sort of thought of a picture dog , chien , hound there 's probably an Italian and a and that but if you speak the languages then different words different codes if you like are for the same idea .
24 I like being with Mick . ’
25 I like being with people , but there 's times when I want to be on my own .
26 Oh you like being with her do n't you ?
27 Then Gedanken said , ‘ Uncle , if you like being on your own a lot , why do you put up with me ?
28 The world of the theatre is made up of those who like being on stage and those who enjoy being behind it .
29 ‘ I was always close to my mother and I like being around women . ’
30 Although I like being by myself .
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