Example sentences of "hold to be " in BNC.

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1 But , as we all know , Bellamy was in Tasmania to aid the Tasmanian Wilderness society in its battle against the damming of the Gordon River , which the society holds to be in contravention of the area 's classification as a world heritage site .
2 Thus one may ( first stage ) read the meaning of scripture out of it , and then ( second stage ) apply what one holds to be the golden thread to another situation , not considered in the scriptures .
3 I can not go into detail on the issues which members of one of those movements — the environmentalists — hold to be most vital .
4 In this way he saw that Man was truly made in the Image of God : ‘ The primary Imagination I hold to be the living power and prime agent of all human perception , and as a repetition in the finite mind of the eternal act of creation in the infinite I AM ’ ( Biographia Literaria , xiii ) .
5 The King 's own statements , however , show the extent to which his view of the Church was political : ‘ It is not the change of Church government which is chiefly aimed at ’ , he wrote in 1646 , ‘ ( though that were too much ) but it is by that pretext to take away the dependency of the Church from the Crown , which , let me tell you , I hold to be of equal consequence to that of the militia ; for people are governed by the pulpit more than the sword in the time of peace .
6 If I say ‘ Prostitution is on the increase ’ I express my belief that it is on the increase , but what I put upon the mat for discussion is not my holding the belief , but rather the state of affairs , which I hold to be actual , but which others may not , of prostitution being on the increase .
7 Even if some of them come for what others hold to be a wrong reason , they should not be discouraged or their motives despised .
8 To allow the advantages of fund holding to be enjoyed by more patients and doctors , I am pleased to announce that we are lowering the list size eligibility criterion from 9,000 patients to 7,000 patients for practices entering the scheme from April 1993 .
9 assuming shares are acquired , the percentage holding to be acquired ;
10 A legislature may quite conceivably , by oversight or even design , exceed what an international tribunal ( if such existed ) might hold to be its international rights .
11 Ronnie , I think , could be held to be a precursor of P for Patrick Doyle in Kelman 's novel of 1989 , A Disaffection .
12 He is held to be efficient , fair-minded , scrupulously honest , and is well-liked by his colleagues .
13 A decision will not be held to be unlawful because it is ‘ unreasonable ’ in the ordinary , non-legal sense .
14 Both are then held to be deficient relative to Marx 's conception of a ‘ mode of production ’ within which differentiation can be understood , made intelligible and ultimately accountable to a materialistically grounded ethics of emancipation rooted in a conception of a ‘ complex ’ totality .
15 The story , published in the USA in 1845 , was reprinted in England as a pamphlet with the title , Mesmerism in Articulo Mortis , and was widely held to be an account of a real experiment .
16 Thus , in Doughty ( 1986 ) , the crying of a 17-day-old child was held to be sufficient to fall within the requirement ( even though such an infant is not aware of the significance of what he or she is doing ) , whereas someone who loses self-control after a storm or explosion has destroyed his property would be outside the requirement .
17 Other types of fraud and mistake are held to be insufficient for the offence of rape , and bring the case within the lesser offence of procuring a woman by false pretences or false representations to have unlawful sexual intercourse ( section 3 , Sexual Offences Act 1956 , carrying a maximum penalty of two years ' imprisonment ) .
18 Thus woman 's sexuality is held to be her most important asset .
19 In Birmingham , Alabama , you could be banished from the city for being seen talking to a Communist , which was held to be committing a public nuisance .
20 This , too , was held to be UnAmerican .
21 He was also considered in some quarters to be less than entirely open in his Turf operations : his trainer Tom Coulthwaite had had his licence withdrawn earlier in 1913 over the running of two Ismay horses , though this was widely held to be an injustice .
22 Certain occupations were held to be unfitting for baptized believers ; magic , idolatry , eroticism , games in the amphitheatre ranked as unsuitable occupations .
23 Peter Carter-Ruck , a leading libel lawyer , said : ‘ All you can say is that it would probably still be held to be defamatory to call someone homosexual today when they 're not .
24 Removal of water through artesian wells is held to be the reason why the tower began going off at an angle soon after building work began in 1174 .
25 This practice was held to be lawful in an earlier case , in which Lord Justice Woolf referred to ;
26 Questions spiritual having thus been dealt with , there remained those of a temporal nature , of which a suitable civil list was held to be the most pressing .
27 It was unthinkable that a Bonaparte , the heir to the throne , should not receive a baptism of fire and the Prince was held to be old enough to face up to this .
28 There was a much-told tale of her Australian infancy that was held to be prophetic in this respect — about how at the age of three she had , by the sheer force of her will , compelled her uncle Walter ( who was taking her for a walk to the local shops at the time ) to put all the money he had on his person into a charity collecting-box in the shape of a plaster-of-Paris boy cripple ; as a result of which the uncle , too embarrassed to admit to this folly and borrow from his relatives , had run out of petrol on the way back to his sheep station .
29 It will be recalled that , according to this theory , a stimulus is held to be fully effective only when it is able to generate the Al ( primary activation ) state in the node that constitutes its central representation .
30 Latent inhibition is held to be a consequence of the formation of associations among these elements .
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