Example sentences of "hold to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Doubtless some protestant paramilitaries — though there have been fewer religious persons among them than in the case of the provisionals — hold to similar religious understandings of the necessity of violence under certain circumstances .
2 The student has to be able to take yet a further step , and to be able to take up stances , hold to particular theories , or simply to act .
3 Proportion of holding to issued share capital ( NB : the effective proportion may be different for IHT and CGT purposes ) .
4 Both are held to economic ransom by a system that ensures they can never free themselves of debt — no matter how hard they try .
5 English law has tended to confine narrowly the situations in which a mistake is held to negative the consent apparently given by the woman : only where the victim was made to believe that the man was her husband , or that the act to which she was being asked to consent was not sexual intercourse , is the mistake sufficiently fundamental to convert the apparently consensual sex into rape .
6 Elections held to new interim National Council in June 1990 [ see p. 37549 ] .
7 Some clauses would need to be printed in red ink with a red hand pointing to it before the notice could be held to sufficient .
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