Example sentences of "may [adv] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Solution compaction along seams may involve dissolution of considerable volumes of minerals , commonly quartz and calcite ; these solutes may locally source cementation , lessening the permeability of the zone surrounding the solution seams ( Wong & oldershaw , 1981 ) .
2 To complicate the issue , the American government may soon hand over responsibility for operating the weather craft to private industry instead ( New Scientist , 17 March , p 706 ) .
3 The seller may physically hand over the goods .
4 You may just sort of er form a picture in your mind just sit there and lip read sort of concentrate .
5 If you 're on a sailing or windsurf holiday you may still book without a supplement if you 're willing to share with someone on the same holiday .
6 Breaches of these and similar standards may directly disadvantage a particular customer .
7 They may also cache animals underwater for future use ( Johnson , 1973 ) .
8 And under the sites may also availability at the time of booking .
9 Tenants may also sublet part of their homes with their landlords ' consent .
10 Local parents may also band together in support groups .
11 That figure may slightly nonplus a reader nurtured in these Caledonian climes ; and his bewilderment will not be lessened when he discovers that £600 was the annual rent charged for the same accommodation in 1912 .
12 It is important to note that any of these items can occur with anybody , en when there is no addictive disease , and that some people may even eve experienced several of them over the years .
13 It may even bee seen on the coast as it prepares for migration to its winter quarters in central Africa .
14 The selection of the preferred bidder will be made in conjunction with the client and may well hinge on factors other than the highest price ( i.e. intentions or nature of consideration ) .
15 Of course , once our schemas are shaken , we may well resort , at least in part , to rational analysis to reformulate them .
16 Of course play may well be slowed down if the new rules are imposed and there has to be a ballot before every strike , but while that is being negotiated Mr Christie may well resort to the block vote at the back to defend his resolutions .
17 England scarcely deserve to be there either , though they may well mooch their way through the side entrance .
18 This may well inluence gastrointestinal motility , as others have shown changes as a result of ambulation and stress .
19 The collapse of lightly fabricated cladding sections may well e preferable to the sudden failure of heavy masonry at high level and the more widespread dangers which the toppling effect of masonry may produce .
20 Even where there is some attempt to account for female/male differences in deviant behaviour , the explanation may simply resort to the simplistic notion that sex roles are generally differentiated .
21 There is a great deal of suspicion that these may simply b.e the products of biological contamination after the meteorites have landed ; but , if this is not the case , it would seem that life is likely to be rife throughout the Universe .
22 A couple of questions if I may please Mr Sexton .
23 Er it may indeed deed have to change to change its mind if if a future planning enquiry er
24 It may then resort to thieving , or whining every time you eat , because it is disturbed with the uncertainty of its own feeding arrangements .
25 Very high alcohol intake increases your coronary risk , but a small amount — say a glass of wine — may protect , as may hard water ( goodness knows how ) and sunshine .
26 Feelings of worthlessness , hopelessness , grief , lack of purpose and depression may still have to be dealt with , or the individual may again resort to an alcoholic solution .
27 17.1 If in the Publisher 's opinion the Work should cease to have a sufficiently remunerative sale the Publisher may either remainder or waste any copies remaining on hand .
28 16.1 If in the Publisher 's opinion the Work should cease to have a sufficiently remunerative sale the Publisher may either remainder or waste any copies remaining on hand .
29 I hope this set may yet surface on CD , though it has to be admitted that it is largely eclipsed by the more complete EMI anthology .
30 In most instances the cat will tend to be the dominant animal and may occasionally resort to scratching the dog if it proves a nuisance .
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