Example sentences of "give [pers pn] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 With a long journey ahead of me every morning and evening , I do n't hang about , and this is the first petrol-engined car I 've used that has given me over 45mpg on a run .
2 I am happy there at the moment , and I want to repay Yorkshire for all the support they have given me over the years . ’
3 I 'll propose Emily 's report and , and in doing so I 'd like to say thank you to her for her sterling work this year , I think she 's done a terrific job erm and I 'd like to thank her personally for the help she 's given me over the year .
4 Now the name was not a famous one , the cloth merchant having lived his life in the comparative obscurity common to most of us , and my patient had never before visited that part of the country — and yet the details he unearthed coincided perfectly with the facts he had given me during his regression .
5 Well I think I 've been rather more fortunate , the two branch managers I 've had er , before , I 'd not had long enough , er , both have given albeit not regular , but feedback both positive and negative , er , when you 're doing a good job and when you 're doing a bad job , and er , in all honesty , it 's probably the appraisal itself , that 's actually been unnecessary because of their feedback they 're given me during the year , because the appraisal is just a formal repetition of what 's already been said .
6 It was he actually whom Simon had asked to be the co-respondent — bogus co-respondent — when they were concocting their divorce , it was about him that the judge had scolded her and given me to Anna .
7 For all she knows , the social services could have given me to another family .
8 Speaking from the governor 's mansion in Little Rock , Arkansas , local boy Bill , said : ‘ I accept tonight the responsibility you have given me to be the leader of this , the greatest country in human history . ’
9 Gail Smith writes ‘ The burden God has given me for Albania took root in 1982 the first time I ever heard mention of the country and people .
10 He 'd picked up some cream that they 'd given me for a skin rash , stuck it under my blindfold and said , in a curious high-pitched waver , ‘ Champignons ? ’
11 On the machine build that he 's given me for this year , of which that is an example .
12 The newcomer listened in his turn to the description Mrs Zamzam had given me of the events that led her to run away from Um Al-Farajh , occasionally nodding agreement or interrupting to correct her account .
13 … the privilege which God has given me of being a servant of Christ Jesus …
14 My one pound , seventeen shillings had been put together over a number of years by saving money given me on my birthdays by relatives .
15 finally , when both my parents were away somewhere , I took the opportunity to draw out of the Post Office bank all the very modest amount of money that people had given me on special occasions like my christening .
16 Against the advice given me at the Centre , quite deliberately I decided to have neither a counsellor nor a healer .
17 And then he said suddenly , ‘ That phone call Ah was waitin' fur — it was from the hotel Iris had given me as her address in Lima .
18 ‘ He 's given me until tomorrow to produce a thousand dollars . ’ ,
19 The amount of serum given had to balance with the amount given me by the Pharmacist from the records she kept of that given to Ward Sisters for use on the wards .
20 But by far the best gift was given me by a little red-haired girl , Betty , who gave me ( a virgin boy ) her body .
21 How did young Bruce become Uncle Bruce , to use the saucy sobriquet given me by my ever ebullient fellow presenter Richard Wyatt .
22 But JUSt as it IS proper for me to look back to my wedding day as assurance that I am really married , so it is proper to look back to my baptism as a mark given me by the Holy Spirit that I am really born again in Christ , and to the eucharist as a pledge that I do partake of his life , feed on him , and shall in the last day share his resurrection .
23 Later on I produced a medical certificate , given me by the doctor , stating that my father was ill and that Saturdays and Sundays were the only days of the week I was at home and could help my mother look after him .
24 Only one of the letters was of any length : like the others it was typewritten , and was labelled by Mr Kronweiser : ‘ Given me by Mrs Hilda Machin , 21 April 1978 . ’
25 The transcript had been labelled by Kronweiser , ‘ Given me by Mrs Hilda Machin , 21 April 1978 . ’
26 My geraniums ( pelargoniums if you must ) are making a brave show at last in spite of one or two early frosts , and I am delighted that a tiny sprig of gentian given me by a neighbour has four vivid blue flowers .
27 That was totally unplanned. erm I was told by a friend that there was erm Pebble Mill were going to organise an Environment Project Competition for Great Britain , and they suggested I sent for a form , which I did , and filled it in , and erm to my astonishment a film crew came down and filmed the pond , and later on I was invited with my husband to Pebble Mill to get this award and it was given me by Virginia Mackenna and Bill Waters , and David Bellamy was there , and erm we had a wonderful time .
28 I knew this to be true and believed firmly that when the word was given me in 1986 it would be fulfilled some time in the future .
29 I am grateful to my colleagues at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Britain for the help and opportunities they have given me in the preparation of this book .
30 I for one value the friendship that he has given me in the eight and a half years that I have been a Member of the House , despite the fact that we are in different parties and disagree on many issues .
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