Example sentences of "only begin [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 This teacher felt that self-assessment could only begin to happen when children had acquired a certain amount of knowledge of the type of judgments that can be made about their work :
2 The advice offered in Chapter 8 on more effective reading was that you should only begin to take notes after a first reading — when you 've grasped the structure and got the gist of the topic being dealt with .
3 Such women decided they could only begin to tackle their problems through their own women 's networks .
4 You can only begin to guess what the ancient Greeks would have made of that , and the subsequent impact on Renaissance sculpture .
5 You will feel clumsy and inept at most of the manual skills for at least a year , ; confidence and speed will only begin to appear the second or third time round .
6 If therapeutic hypochlorhydria is carcinogenic to the stomach , gastric cancer associated with cimetidine use in 1977 should only begin to appear by now .
7 Very frequently counsel will only begin to prepare on the night before the case is to be heard and will only meet with the client on the morning of the hearing .
8 There are concrete operational thinkers — those who can only begin to solve such a problem in concrete operational terms by drawing physical or mental images of the boxes and then counting up the total .
9 Such a system will be highly resistant to the effects of damage to individual modules and will only begin to show marked alterations in function when a large proportion of the modules has been damaged .
10 This situation would only begin to break down when Lyell introduced his uniformitarian geology in the 1830s .
11 The market research outfit reckons that the four fundamental factors driving the adoption of open systems — functionality , availability , complexity and cost — will only begin to intersect favourably around 1995 .
12 Gandhi only began to undertake serious fasts — that is , fasts where there was a danger to his life , as opposed to brief fasts for purposes of spiritual discipline or penance — after he had established a reputation for sanctity and a large following based to some extent on that reputation .
13 The indications are that he only began to reign in 738 , for an eclipse of the sun , followed by a lunar eclipse , which occurred in January 753 , is described in the eighth-century Northumbrian annals as happening in his fifteenth year , whereas Eadberht 's fifteenth year if he succeeded in 737 would have been 751–2 .
14 Traditional Hawaiian society only began to fall apart when the godhead became detached from the environment : when Captain Cook arrived and ushered in a foreign idol , ubiquitous , omnipotent , immortal , but disembodied , absent , invisible .
15 Gide at the end of his life remarked that Wilde only began to live after dark as it were , away from most of those who knew him ( So Be It , 27 ) .
16 The total numbers of teachers fell in the early 1980s and only began to pick up after 1983 .
17 The author of the Anonimalle Chronicle , however , who evidently had some admiration for Gaunt 's achievement , believed that the army only began to suffer in this way when it wintered in Gascony .
18 In fact , the CEGB only began to build up a fund for decommissioning in 1976 .
19 The performers say their confidence only began to wane after the filming was over .
20 I only began to work so hard because it was a way of filling all those empty hours without you . ’
21 West Venture was acquired in March 1988 but only began to make significant sales this year .
22 He only began to cut just before dawn .
23 One argument says that mammals only began to grow larger when they no longer needed to lead furtive , skulking lives , hiding in crannies to avoid the fearsome dinosaurs .
24 It was discovered that the peat only began to grow after the site was abandoned and a radiocarbon date for the beginning of this growth gave about 1000 BC .
25 Indeed , wages only began to catch up and threaten a widening wage/price spiral in 1973 .
26 I only began to smell a rat when he could n't come up with the documents he claimed to have .
27 From palaeomagnetic evidence , it is alleged that the African and European continents moved vast distances during the Devonian and only began to approach each other during Carboniferous times .
28 The major , striking and henceforth continuous improvement in these conditions only began to occur after the end of our period .
29 ‘ You say you only began to feel funny while you were looking at the eye ? ’
30 ‘ Our reservoirs are all topped up but we 're only beginning to see recovery in water tables , ’ says John West of Anglian Water .
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