Example sentences of "know for [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Oh I do n't know for God 's sake how do I know ?
2 Erm how do you what you buying the children or do n't you know for Christmas ?
3 D' ya know for kids , they 're the only kids that can show , that can make me go bright red !
4 But I 'd just like everyone to know for Daddy 's sake that he had nothing to do with it .
5 I mean , seven pounds to have , I mean they 're not gon na probably have an answer machine , but you know for things if things are going to be like that
6 It , it , it just went on for a lit a short time afterwards but er , but when the war ended course things , some things changed pretty rapidly as you can appreciate but , but by this time I , I was working for Ellwells then on long distance transport and we used to have to go and fetch tractors or bulldozers that had got armour plating on from Dagenham docks and bring them up here and start selling them to civic contractors and the , the Americans were selling a lot of equipment as well at end of the war , and I saw money made overnight like , people were buying the lorries and putting them on the road you know for work and transport firms and all that and they were getting some of them for next to nothing
7 Which was a good meal , substantial meal you know for thruppence .
8 I 'm subbing Neil but that 's out of money which he gives me and which really in theory ought to be for my own , own use you know for fun but I get housing benefit for him , from the council .
9 You know for polishers you know , when the boat was
10 have to be a very low heat you know for microwaves
11 We know for instance that quite often erm pillaged flocks of cows and sheep were driven into the quad as one of the few open spaces within the city walls .
12 In our world of competing newspapers and television , of leaks , press conferences and official communiques , fact-finding commissions are necessary ; and we know for example that there will never be full agreement on what are the facts behind the sinking of the Belgrano or the Rainbow Warrior .
13 And like , Scott told me and thinking about it if I 'd of been in in the frame , frame of mind that I 'm in know for example , I would of sort of pah !
14 That 's a particular no no I mean you know for goodness sake ca n't we av ca n't we actually ob observe studio discipline ?
15 We were n't allowed to have a we were n't allowed to have a cup of tea in break time no but er we were all on edge you know for fear , if he kicked it it would have scalded his foot and he were , he were only a few inches away from it , and of course he went now what we used to say now nosing around and we should n't have done he had a job to get round because he was
16 You have to know an awful lot you know for grade five .
17 Anyway I 'm gon na bag some up for the kids you know for Christmas .
18 Well he 's a ministerial servant at last he was just sitting there and nothing you know for years since I 've came into the truth , he was , he was n't doing at all nothing and then lately erm , because he did , he did have a business and then he had er some pigeons er racing pigeons and all he was all involved more in making money and er you know , and then gradually he 's got rid of er , of the things that will actually er took a lot of his time , so he spent a lot of time with his family and with in the
19 Yes , but you know for years , when they were growing up in their teens , I was the the tennis net between him and his daughters , where 's she going , who 's she going with , who 's bringing her home , is she wearing eye make up , why 's she wearing nylons and not ankle socks ,
20 I know for investment
21 You know for number six A ?
22 Sir you know for number six A ?
23 All laid out special , you know for training .
24 I know for God 's sake !
25 Erm or I mean you know for advice about what they could do about D H S S.
26 The area has not been know for fashion stores for a long time , but the new Criterion building is the location of Sogo , the new drive-in fashion store .
27 put down for the you know for fire precautions and things .
28 and the water music which she had about you know for months and months she would have the water music on and you used to hear it in the .
29 It 's about time we got something , do n't , you know for months we scratched round looking like we 're busy , now we 're meeting ourselves backwards , coming backwards .
30 You know for people to have a loot at .
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