Example sentences of "know [adv] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Elaine seemed to know instinctively what she was thinking .
2 Completely new to our Sale , he seemed to know instinctively what had to be done , and did it , swiftly , silently , strongly .
3 If she did n't know better she 'd have said he 'd sabotaged her jeep and made it rain this way , just so he could enjoy some amusement at her expense !
4 If I did n't know better I 'd think there was a man on the horizon . ’
5 If I did n't know better I 'd think he was trying to be as diplomatic possible in order to keep himself in line for the England job .
6 to do you know so what be these sort of
7 If you are interested do let us know so we can keep you up to date with developments .
8 So we talked and I said well we would think about it and we would let him know so we collected all the friends that we thought would like to help which were many people were very good to help !
9 So she said I 'll do it on the computer and and I 'll let you know so we 're eighty pound behind well course we never sent one month at all !
10 Well I 've heard of a tip whether it works or not I do n't know so we 'll try it and see that 's all
11 We when we got the song first and recorded we we were talking one day and we were just saying it would be an ideal song for Children in Need you know so we decided that we 'd er donate all the proceeds from this track on the video and album and the concert in Stockport , it 's tomorrow night is n't it ?
12 no he 'd , he 's got to do as he 's told and he knows that and that 's it and at the moment she says we do n't know so we do n't know , but we know that sooner or later it 's
13 The point is , if you 're going to give it away , you have to let 'em know so they do n't let you see it .
14 A quick reminder , many people will know , but a quick reminder and er , if you 've perhaps just come back from holiday yourself , or you 're one of our new listeners , you may not know so I 'll tell you , Douglas Cameron 's Breakfast Call , this very programme , will be breaking new ground at the end of next month .
15 Do n't know so I 'm getting really excited about ,
16 We do n't know so I think lea at least you need the total on .
17 No , because right has a tummy bug this week and she did n't phone or nothing like to say I do n't wan na phone Margaret she do n't wan na know so I do n't know why you 're bugging her for !
18 The appeal at the school that Mrs was supposed to have let Miss White know so she could send it off to the parents to get the money back scanner
19 Mm well her was only thirty two Wendy , I do n't know so she 's only
20 he said that 's all you need to know so he actually showed me how to work it back
21 I have to know so I can log it .
22 It turns out that the public has a right to know only what those who control the media think is good for them .
23 We wish to know only who paid you to try to kill this gentleman . ’
24 Mhm do you get to know basically everything work .
25 I 'll let yer know in plenty of time , ’ Mary answered .
26 but er I do n't know perhaps we were braver than these days , perhaps you were braver when you 're young
27 I do n't know what hill do you know perhaps you know erm Road or something like that how
28 I do n't know perhaps he does , I do n't actually know Ken , I thought the way he was talking though that this chap
29 Can I just say colleagues before you , you second the motion , there is this hubbub again that 's growing , I mean it seems to go down and I do n't know perhaps it 's like the tide but can we try and keep it a bit lower , especially when colleagues are trying to make a speech from the rostrum .
30 I do n't know 'ow you can talk like that to a girl that 's twenty-one . ’
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