Example sentences of "make be [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The gestures they make are at one with their interesting footwork .
2 All the samples you make are of use to you .
3 The perceptual distinctions we make are of the very stuff of our existence , and in some way the foundation of all else .
4 If we accept that we can not prevent science and technology from changing our world , we can at least try to ensure that the changes they make are in the right directions .
5 The garments being made are on order from stores such as C&A , Top Shop , and Wallace 's .
6 The difference is that his compound is a nanocomposite — the crystals from which it is made are between two nanometres ( two millionths of a millimetre ) and ten nanometres across .
7 ( 2 ) Apart from any such contract , express or implied , the place of delivery is the seller 's place of business , if he has one , and if not , his residence : except that , if the contract is for the sale of specific goods , which to the knowledge of the parties when the contract is made are in some other place , then that place is the place of delivery . ’
8 The recommendations finally made were of a highly practical nature , but they established a tradition of careful selection which was easily glamorized in both the public and the official mind .
9 While everyone agreed the changes in living standards since the film was made were for the better , there was some nostalgia for farming as it was when they were young .
10 As might be expected from the above , the most extensive changes to be made were in procedures for recording audit work .
11 Where the only payment made is under an agreement with a Third Party Insurer in the absence of which no payment would have been made .
12 We 'll be saying is that the first appointment of investigative staff to be made is of a complaint examiner .
13 ‘ The worst mistake that could be made is for the rich to apply conditionality to new aid and loans . ’
14 Another breakthrough Chris has made is with Neon Tetra Disease .
15 Thus , the first major distinction to be made is between the major TNCs , the Fortune 500 type of corporations and the rest .
16 When speaking of laying tesserae , the main distinction to be made is between direct and indirect methods of application : the choice depends on the abilities and preferences of the mosaicist .
17 The decision that must be made is between a postal questionnaire and some form of face-to-face interview .
18 ( One film surely crying out to be made is about a special-effects team which finds that their creatures are coming to independent life and taking over the movie — or the studio , or the world ) .
19 However , such progress as has been made is in areas that are well defined in advance — which , by definition is not usually the case in the are a of strategic decision making .
20 In condemning such acts of desecration , I am of the opinion that the only exception that could be made is in the case of books already seriously incomplete and in bad condition , when the completion of its unhappy disintegration may be forgivable .
21 It is recognised that one of the areas where immediate progress can be made is in assisting disabled students .
22 If a company is resident in , say , France and the registered office through which an effective transfer of the shares can be made is in France then the source is not UK and the dividends would comprise Case V ( possessions ) income .
23 Rachaela thought that the mistake her own mother had made was in her brainwashed attempts to care for and become involved with a child she did not want .
24 Until that time , the only statutory means by which payments of arrears in excess of the then statutory limit of 12 months could be made was by means of a late appeal to the social security appeal .
25 But perhaps the most crucial changes they made were to what Gordon referred to as the " macrostructure signalling " within the passage .
26 The first advances she herself made were to Sylvia , Sue 's four-year-old daughter .
27 There is no doubt that many of its customers have used loans in cases where they would previously have use ( more costly ) HP a 1977 survey showed that 59 per cent of the loans it made were for motor vehicle purchase .
28 Ironically , some of the breakthroughs we made were with others from the UK market .
29 Up to then , however , on Dr Anstey 's figures the profits made were at least the equal of most other areas of investment , with 9.5 per cent being the aggregate decennial average from 1761 to 1807 .
30 If the advantages of decentralization of decision making are to be preserved , firms must be able to operate within a set of rules for competition that enable them to identify what strategies are likely to attract scrutiny , and what strategies they can pursue without hindrance .
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