Example sentences of "what [modal v] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 What must Ashley be making of all this ?
2 it 's an easy one , what must ladies wear in the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot ?
3 Saint Basil was so enchanted by this selfless action that he concluded his comments with the words ‘ If things seen are so lovely , what must things unseen be ? ’
4 What must John be thinking after all this time ?
5 So what should Yeltsin now do ?
6 What should Waldegrave have done then ? ’
7 And what should Britain and France do about it ?
8 WHAT should Britain do about an examination attacked by the country 's employers ' organisation , by the heads of four-fifths of its secondary schools , by its university vice-chancellors and even by the Prince of Wales ?
9 What should Government now be doing , if anything , to stimulate investment in the UK ?
10 What should management do in order to compensate for the shortcomings ?
11 What should employers do about quality ?
13 But what should parents do if they believe their children 's friends are having a bad influence on them ?
14 What should Sandra do ? 1 Copy and complete this table as fully as you can .
15 Short-term monetary control : what should governments attempt to control ?
16 What should Mr Major and the first media mogul to sit in the Cabinet , David Mellor , do ?
17 What should people do if if they they want to protest about it further David ?
18 Hulme was exasperated , ‘ What should men be allowed to say ?
19 What should community care consist of ?
20 What should quality mean in a public health service like the NHS ?
21 What should family health services authorities do ?
22 What should Dana have told her ?
23 So what should Jenny do ?
24 And what 'll Nails say ? ’
25 ‘ But what 'll Fagin say ? ’ asked the Dodger .
26 What might theology for its part have to say about the direction that world seems to be taking ?
27 What might Mrs Hopeful say to describe the reasons which prevent , or constrain , her from having her dream house and her luxury standard of living ?
28 What might Jesus have meant by the Parable of the Sower when he first told it ?
29 What might schools ask me to do ?
30 First , what might Ulpian have meant ?
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