Example sentences of "if [pron] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 And if thee do n't eat thy black pudding reet this minute he 'll come doon chimney and out o feature coal-effect bar fire and gobble thee op .
2 if no-one answers and no arms fold round .
3 If no-one gets any money , then I 'm quite happy .
4 If no-one admits to having been sick during the day , or ca n't produce a witness that he was , we shall want to know what they all ate for the evening meal .
5 Theatre is about communication — and if no-one understands it , then we 've failed . ’
6 ‘ Theatre is about communication — and if no-one understands it , then we 've failed . ’
7 Clarissa was as reasonable as ever , gently pointing out that it was a little game their neighbour was playing , which she 'd get sick of if no-one responded .
8 If no-one saw the caravan being towed along any of the main roads in the area , then Allen believes the gang may have stored it somewhere in the vicinity .
9 Labour employment spokesman Frank Dobson said yesterday : ‘ Major thinks if no-one mentions the bogey of recession , it will go away . ’
10 If no-one answered soon he would have to chalk it up as a wasted trip , and Montgomery would not be amused .
11 That 's if no-one steps in meantime and makes an offer that ca n't be refused ( by the way , an offer from Oracle Corp was turned down in 1990 ) .
12 Telesquash rallies are restricted to a maximum of 15 strokes — the server wins the point if no-one hits a winner — and thus the format encourages attacking play .
13 At least if no-one has done the job before , anything you do will be an improvement ! ’
14 It 's all very well for all the major computer manufacturers to say that all the money is in software and services these days , and that hardware is a commodity business , but if no-one wants to make the hardware , there 's no industry .
15 This obviously saves time in group sessions , but only if everyone does it .
16 Such arguments would have been powerless , even silly , if everyone thought that the practices they challenged needed no support beyond convention or that these practices constituted the game of law in the way the rules of chess constitute that game .
17 Oh do n't bother , for god if everyone gets you know like what you said before , he said he did n't like you , he did n't ask you out you know the first time , cos everyone was hassling him , if they all hassle him now , you 're not gon na get far are you ?
18 well if everyone goes
19 Everyone has their own ideas about how it should be done , but if everyone agrees to lift it together , it suddenly becomes a very easy task .
20 They were becoming very tired , and when they came back from their missions there was none of the former exuberance if everyone returned safely , and just fatalistic shoulder-shrugging if someone was lost .
21 Yeah I know but if everyone went out if you 're allowed
22 If everyone played the same chess game , it would be stalemate .
23 If everyone followed convention , no one would profit .
24 If everyone takes just a small step forward the overall effect is quite dramatic , ’ said Mr Stocks .
25 If everyone thinks like that , the broadcast is not supplied and everyone is worse off .
26 If everyone thinks they can make money out of bargain books , let them . ’
27 Many ailments which are blamed on old age could be avoided if everyone ate a healthy diet .
28 Those radicals ( among whom Gaitskell was , oddly , not numbered ) who wanted to abolish the public schools , or amalgamate them somehow into the maintained system , persuaded themselves for a time that if this were done , and if everyone had a chance to take the 11 + and compete for a place at a grammar school , then justice would have been done and educational standards would be secure .
29 Now , if everyone had an average-sized lawn which they cut weekly for eight months using half a litre of petrol at each session , they would still burn less than 4 gallons a year .
30 If everyone had been like she was the human race would have died out long ago .
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