Example sentences of "would [adv] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 I 'd rather autoexec
2 Which is why I made up my mind to come and tell you first thing that I could n't think of anyone I 'd rather Naylor married . ’
3 I 'd rather Lesley had had an abortion and tried for a kid when we were married .
4 I 'd rather bed with the Devil than you , so go about your business and leave me alone . "
5 ‘ I 'd rather shovel shit , ’ said Tabitha .
6 ‘ I 'd rather grub around in the earth any day ! ’
7 He 'd rather finger Bach than Liszt .
8 Well they want , they want divorce and they 'd rather custody of the children and if they 'll some but she can allow them to take the children away cos the well the media coverage , they 've obviously got they have a law .
9 Chairman I 'd just David Allenby Harrogate Borough Council .
10 I 'd just time to read it when the girl returned .
11 You know I would , I 'd just sort of
12 I reckon I 'd hardly surface from my bunker for the first few days . ’
13 Anyway , it 'd probably bum through the harness . ’
14 th you er I mean if it were very heavy you 'd almost sort of be prepared for it to go , but you know when you 're s s standing with a , something quite light , and you might have been standing with it a little while in your hand , and then suddenly the hand goes and ca n't you see that 's ve that 's very upsetting , it makes you not very confident .
15 This caused such a burst of indignation from the players that I drew stumps swearing to myself that I 'd never umpire again — and I have n't !
16 I would rather musicians took the latter course — and so , I bet , would you .
17 ‘ I would rather Germany played the proper Scottish team but I want to keep a sense of proportion .
18 ‘ I am sure that Michelle would rather John had n't been married to Alison , but that does n't mean to say she is going to go out and murder her , let alone involve her much-loved sister in the crime ’ .
19 In an effort to meet its 1991 inflation target , the government in October 1990 concluded with the UGT ( General Workers ' Union ) and the Employers ' Association a pact for the following year : average wage increases would be below 13.4 per cent ; the working week would be reduced from 48 to 44 hours ; the minimum monthly wage for industrial and farm workers would rise by 15 per cent , as would most pension and social security payments ; labour disputes were to be resolved through negotiation rather than industrial action .
20 Such a threat may constitute a bluff in that the prime minister would have more to lose if an election was called than would most MPs ( the PM could lose office : most seats are safe seats and so most MPs could expect to be reelected ) , but nonetheless it has proved a potent influence in determining parliamentary behaviour .
21 Would little Mikey Hatch become , like his father , a butcher ?
22 But spending that hundred thousand pounds as we were told at the time , would only part solve the problem .
23 To cover herself now would be like doing a striptease in reverse , and would only emphasis her uncomfortable consciousness of her bare flesh .
24 For a brief moment it seemed that the rain still hesitated , that it would only patter dispiritedly on the dust-filled gutters where its drops rolled like quick-silver .
25 That would only distress her .
26 Would the lack of charitable registration impair non-taxable status totally , or would only investment income be taxable as in the case of non-profit making social clubs ?
27 If they failed at the game , Camazotz would swiftly behead them , and their spirits appeared as stars in the eastern sky .
28 All the other main opposition parties except the conservative Popular Christian Party ( PPC ) boycotted the elections , arguing that the CCD would be an insubstantial body which would merely rubber-stamp presidential decisions .
29 Erm for instance , you go to one meeting and erm you would just sort of , mind you I think probably you may not agree , young people perhaps think this is the best way .
30 ‘ At table he would just glower at his food and refuse to talk .
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