Example sentences of "we [modal v] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 We may instance transport , where there is a complex relationship between a central government department , local authorities and British Rail .
2 Thus we can see that there is a broad variety of approaches which we may group under the heading of ‘ natural law theories ’ because they all rely on something other than state law to constitute the valid rules of a legal system .
3 Bear in mind that , while we may group and classify according to this or that pruning rule , you must expect to meet exceptions .
4 So we are always drawn back to our experience as somehow being involved intimately with what we may thing is an objective experience .
5 We may sec one and the same object changing in shape so as to be transformed into something different — as the baby that Alice was holding gradually turned into a pig before her eyes .
6 Yeah , I think we should minute erm our appreciation of the action taken by yourself and the clerk in resolving this matter , because we did approve work erm and it became obvious after work was commenced that there was additional work that needed to be got on with
7 Why was it right to train a fellow and you knew , or you felt that , you could not go to the flight commander or the wing commander and say a think this fellow should go down the pits , " or a think we should remuster him to the Army or the Navy " .
8 If we really mean what we say we should blacklist those es establishments that refuse to recognize trade unions .
9 it had been decided that we should take-off and form-up before daylight .
10 We should band together . ’
11 Well I think we we should reaction was happening with Malcolm last week .
12 ‘ You have no idea , ’ said Healey , ‘ what it was like before you came into the committee , The prime minister was always demanding active intervention early on , with this crazy desire to go there and take things over , that we should side with the Roman Catholics and the Civil Rights movement against the government and the Royal Ulster Constabulary , though we know nothing at all about it . ’
13 Although , if we wish to test the depth of these mid-Victorian fears and also to judge the constancy of the vocabularies of reaction , then we must edge back a few years to an episode that would bring back flogging as a judicial punishment almost as soon as it had been abolished .
14 This is a project which is currently being pursued by contemporary women artists who , unlike Bridget Riley perhaps , do not believe that art is necessarily free of gender : ‘ in order to discover what is retrievable from the abstract project , we must subject it to an interrogation that is neither submissive nor cynical ’ .
15 There is Nowhere to go , and we must Leave .
16 I explained that we must lunch early and be in the queue at least fifteen minutes before the doors opened if we hoped for bargains .
17 Whatever happens in Bosnia the Bishop says we must beef up the role of the UN forces .
18 but we must sort of all pull in together as a situation in Scotland now that which really concerns me and I 'd
19 He would walk in a day before a College hop and say , ‘ Good heavens : We must tart the place up a bit .
20 When we talk about our reductions , we will get to a point where the reductions that are being proposed to you , actually conflict with a number of policy directions that you are wanting to go in , and we 'll flag those up to you .
21 Frown not , sweet Virgin ; we 'll Decorums keep ;
22 If you relate to this , then our We 'll Work Wonders workshop is exactly what you need .
23 We 'll bill it as expenses .
24 We 'll lunch when you 're in town ’ , they say — and no-one believes it .
25 Mm not many here not much so we 'll questions .
26 We 'll blackball him for a start
27 Hiv a go at me — and we 'll git it o'er . ’
28 We 'll camp here , ’ he said wearily .
29 We 'll cosy down in joyful anticipation .
30 ‘ Anyway , we 'll jus ' 'ave ter see .
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