Example sentences of "do [not/n't] [vb infin] " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 In the Commons , Sir Thomas Clarges moved that " a standing Army is destructive to the Country " , whilst his fellow Tory , Edward Seymour , declared that " the safety of the Kingdom doth not consist with a standing force " , adding ( in a way which anticipated Tory arguments used after 1689 ) that " all the profit and security of this Nation is in our Ships , and had there been the least ship in the Channel " , Monmouth could never have landed .
2 Either what woman having ten pieces of silver , if she lose one piece , doth not light a candle , and sweep the house , and seek diligently till she find it ?
3 God , he said , ‘ doth not bind us to dive into men 's consciences , .
4 That doth not smack of observation ;
5 … As to the matter of there being no appeal from an arbitrary sentence ; it is true , the case is the harder , because the party is concluded by one judgment , but it doth not lessen the validity of the sentence , nor doth it in any way prove that you shall find out some way to examine this matter at law in a judicial proceeding .
6 Such general concerns do not belong and do not fit into the straitjacket of a system of pressure-group lobbying and organization .
7 The Home Secretary is promoting his Bill by saying that people who are fleeing from political or social oppression do not deserve to come here and do not deserve political asylum .
8 They argue that it is misguided to pretend that these proscribed organisations ( like Sinn Fein ) either do not exist or do not carry massive popular support .
9 Some people can not spell and do not care about it .
10 This is not to suggest that life in a large mental handicap hospital is a fulfilling experience ; on the contrary , it has already been established that such places should not ideally exist and do not represent a suitable home for mentally handicapped people .
11 I can not do not think I am can be mistaken in my belief that our meeting was also important interesting to you , and that however much you may value your seclusion
12 When you have noted the area where the bream cease to roll and do not appear again in the immediate vicinity , the terminal point will be a few yards further along in the direction they were travelling .
13 The circumstances under which they did so do not appear from the report of the case .
14 If you can not afford or do not want new furniture , then start to attack the soft furnishings .
15 For others it might be that they want the relationship to end completely and do not want to be financially dependent on their former partners ( Bradshaw and Millar found that a fifth of those not receiving maintenance said that they did not want any ) .
16 it 's like the , cos I keep saying if you must do those F's you do it at school I said , but do not do them for me , I said if you do I do not want to see them , but again you 've got a conflict there between home and school
17 Then they make their ale from what they have collected , and those who do not come there to drink and do not give money at the foresters ' will are sorely punished at their pleas for dead wood , although the King has no demesne ; nor does anyone dare to brew when the foresters brew , or to sell ale so long as the foresters have any kind of ale to sell ; and this every forester does year by year to the great grievance of the country .
18 ‘ 17. … article 30 of the Treaty must be interpreted as meaning that the prohibition which it lays down does not apply to national rules prohibiting retailers from opening their premises on Sunday where the restrictive effects on Community trade which may result therefrom do not exceed the effects intrinsic to rules of that kind .
19 And what does it matter to us , ordinary businesspeople , who have day to day jobs to do which certainly do not involve make or break run-ins with unions ?
20 All you do , is you mark it on an item if you 're gon na do the television do not do the screens , because every time you turn on up will come your postcode .
21 Scott expects ‘ pockets of horror ’ among those who hate sport or would do not relish a stadium at the foot of the garden , but he senses excitement generally .
22 However , old people who need help do not initiate such schemes .
23 If I can help further please do not hesitate to contact me on 081 840 7879 Peter Fabian Director of Fundraising
24 So if there are any further specific details you need do not hesitate to call into or telephone the : Tourist Information Centre .
25 We ca n't deliberately do not maintain those voluntary groups which we feel are appropriately and better funded by the health authority .
26 It has been argued that very few electors usually read them and that many of the commitments made do not enjoy widespread support among voters , even among those voting for the parties that issued them .
27 May I I do not need an adjournment but may I back away from the microphone to take instruction ?
28 However , the areas he must address do not concern the first team alone .
29 First of all in chapter three and in verse seven , it says therefore , just as the Holy Spirit says , today if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts .
30 Does not he feel that unwise comments such as those that he made do not help an already difficult situation ?
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