Example sentences of "do [not/n't] [verb] " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 In the Commons , Sir Thomas Clarges moved that " a standing Army is destructive to the Country " , whilst his fellow Tory , Edward Seymour , declared that " the safety of the Kingdom doth not consist with a standing force " , adding ( in a way which anticipated Tory arguments used after 1689 ) that " all the profit and security of this Nation is in our Ships , and had there been the least ship in the Channel " , Monmouth could never have landed .
2 Either what woman having ten pieces of silver , if she lose one piece , doth not light a candle , and sweep the house , and seek diligently till she find it ?
3 God , he said , ‘ doth not bind us to dive into men 's consciences , .
4 That doth not smack of observation ;
5 … As to the matter of there being no appeal from an arbitrary sentence ; it is true , the case is the harder , because the party is concluded by one judgment , but it doth not lessen the validity of the sentence , nor doth it in any way prove that you shall find out some way to examine this matter at law in a judicial proceeding .
6 Seeing the mist that deepened the dark grey of her eyes , the pale translucent cheeks , both so beautiful now in their glowing copper setting , it was all Benedict could do not to snatch her back into the heat of his embrace , and force his way to that intimate deep caress , the thought of which now fired him with passionate yearning .
7 Such general concerns do not belong and do not fit into the straitjacket of a system of pressure-group lobbying and organization .
8 The Home Secretary is promoting his Bill by saying that people who are fleeing from political or social oppression do not deserve to come here and do not deserve political asylum .
9 They argue that it is misguided to pretend that these proscribed organisations ( like Sinn Fein ) either do not exist or do not carry massive popular support .
10 Some people can not spell and do not care about it .
11 He fished the cubes out and put them into an ashtray and found it all he could do not to weep at the mess they made with the ash .
12 She was heavy and it was all I could do not to let her slide through my arms .
13 Already her entire body seemed to be turning to fire and ice , and it was all she could do not to let her trembling knees fold , collapsing her at his feet like a rag doll — which was exactly where he probably imagined she should be .
14 It was all she could do not to respond .
15 This is not to suggest that life in a large mental handicap hospital is a fulfilling experience ; on the contrary , it has already been established that such places should not ideally exist and do not represent a suitable home for mentally handicapped people .
16 Nomish sense of smell is sharper than a fox 's ; it was all Masklin could do not to dribble .
17 He took a step towards her , and it was all she could do not to back away .
18 He took a step towards her , and it was all she could do not to back away from the menacing look on his face .
19 He took a couple of strides towards her , and it was all she could do not to cower away .
20 It was as much as I could do not to join in .
21 Suddenly she wanted him gone so urgently that it was all she could do not to order him to get out .
22 I can not do not think I am can be mistaken in my belief that our meeting was also important interesting to you , and that however much you may value your seclusion
23 Sometimes it was all she could do not to reproach Liza for her lack of consideration , for her supine acceptance in letting her mother take on the role which should have been her own .
24 As he tottered back to his seat it was as much as I could do not to applaud .
25 When you have noted the area where the bream cease to roll and do not appear again in the immediate vicinity , the terminal point will be a few yards further along in the direction they were travelling .
26 The circumstances under which they did so do not appear from the report of the case .
27 If you can not afford or do not want new furniture , then start to attack the soft furnishings .
28 For others it might be that they want the relationship to end completely and do not want to be financially dependent on their former partners ( Bradshaw and Millar found that a fifth of those not receiving maintenance said that they did not want any ) .
29 it 's like the , cos I keep saying if you must do those F's you do it at school I said , but do not do them for me , I said if you do I do not want to see them , but again you 've got a conflict there between home and school
30 She was so weary that it was all she could do not to put her head down on the table and close her eyes .
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