Example sentences of "that give he " in BNC.

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1 At the Stella Artois Grass Court Championships , he showed once again , that give him grass , a ‘ bat ’ , and he is surely the best striker of a ball in the world .
2 Sugar have provided the right vehicle for Mould to tether his current world-view to , providing ( with Mould 's guitar and the tightness of the rhythm section ) a set of beautifully hard-knuckled rock arrangements that give him the clout he needs to reinforce the feeling inherent in his vocals .
3 I know somebody here who got very good marks for his lab work and he 's good on computers , and he just programmed the computers in random errors and stuff that give him set results and nice graphs , and they were n't perfect so nobody noticed them , but he fiddled them , and that way he did n't have to do any lab work if he did n't want to .
4 I 'm sure it was that give him trouble .
5 Most people had come to understand the danger posed by Hitler 's Germany ; but they decided to delude themselves into believing that giving him Austria and Czechoslovakia would buy him off .
6 That night he slept in an old cardboard box that he 'd found , and that gave him some protection from the chilling morning dew .
7 Ironically , it was the Government which he partly blamed for the affair that gave him the chance to return to work after retirement .
8 It had a pale beauty in the moonlight that gave him more unexpected enchantment .
9 During this time Coe was on the dole and living in Bermondsey , and it is this period of his life that gave him the basis for The Dwarves of Death .
10 The camera swung again , but this time George looked above it , to a monitor screen hung on a metal rafter above the audience , to see his own face in close-up , the eyes staring upward in a way that gave him an absurdly soulful look .
11 The creation of the Educational Priority Areas was one of the last things which Tony Crosland accomplished at the Department of Education and Science , and one of those that gave him the greatest pleasure .
12 In the end it was the regular-footer Elkerton 's ability to hit for six every type of wave — leg-breaks , off-breaks , googlies , head-severing bouncers — that the Pacific could bowl at him that gave him supremacy .
13 Though the business was thriving , there was one aspect that gave him great concern and over which he was powerless to exercise any sort of control .
14 It is important to remember that it was Alexander 's all-consuming passion for the theatre that gave him the determination to find out the cause of his hoarseness .
15 His arm lay against his side like another body , his but not his , a throbbing strangeness grotesquely large , a companion to his every movement and one that gave him no peace .
16 But it was working as a computer specialist in the insurance industry that gave him the necessary experience , most notably the motor insurance experience , he needed .
17 Allowing for a 12% margin of error , that gave him something between eleven and thirteen hundred miles of flight at his present subsonic speed .
18 Some of the smokers were aware of his campaign against passive smoking — the kind that gave him cancer in smoke-tarred clubs .
19 BILLY JOEL is battling to save the tiny New York club that gave him his first pop break .
20 There must have been something about Sir Paul that gave him confidence .
21 Another episode that gave him much reassurance was the time when Kate invited him in for tea at the Rectory .
22 He had heavy grey-flecked eyebrows that gave him a wise demeanour and looked on religion the way some men looked on marriage : as a necessary part of life .
23 Then , at a stroke , something happened that gave him a powerful sense of purpose .
24 Denyer decided to put together a mix of landscapes and portraits , images that gave him particular visual pleasure .
25 It drifted and swirled about him , making him peaceful and tired , until his sense of loss began to go and the night was no longer awesome , for he had the protection of a Callanish eagle near him , and that gave him peace to rest and sleep at last …
26 It was , I think , this last quality that gave him his reputation for indecision .
27 Edward , thinking with relief that he could leave them to it now , began to withdraw , clutching the bottles that gave him a certain exemption , free to come and go .
28 It was this last that gave him pause , for , he was to say , ‘ Although I had no knowledge of it — that place where the Twelve Judges sit — I believed that I had long since dreamed it , and I knew it for a place of great finality and immense power .
29 But World War I gave him the chance to stand on internationalist ground with an uncompromising fervour and personal courage that gave him a status denied to most of the others , whose work lay in the factories and in the shop stewards ' movement .
30 There were fairly obvious warnings here for a man contemplating the future independence of his own country , but , if he was shocked by what he saw here , it was the land freed by Toussaint Louverture , Haiti , that gave him most food for thought .
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