Example sentences of "that give [prep] " in BNC.

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1 It is sufficient to say that in broad definition the former term applies to the language used up to the twelfth century , and the latter that given to the language between the twelfth and the fifteenth , when Modern English started to emerge .
2 THE most reassuring explanation for the failure of liberal revolution in Spain is that political change was unaccompanied by those social and economic changes that give to political revolution its substance .
3 And she loved his body , the astringent unsweaty cleverness of it , that gave with delight and asked for so little back .
4 He opened the door that gave into the extended cupboard under the roof .
5 Sorry , the only one I eh , I eh got this idea was when I first took this up I went into the hut in the town , and I picked up the booklets , you know that they have on the counter , and in one of these booklets it had that the vet 's were now I do n't know what I 'm , I 'm very lost for everything like this , but they 've kept and therefore if your animal needed , your pet needed treatment it would be done by the private vet 's and eh , mon the money would be re would be reclaimed by the vet from the R S P C A , and I think that gave to erm .
6 Was Sony that gave to the world transistor radios …
7 Aye everything was gi really fantastic the people that helped the people that gave to the strike , out of this world I know the help they had was really fantastic .
8 The ones that gave of carbon dioxide when we put an acid to them .
9 He led her in through yet another heavy door : they entered a wide , tiled hallway that gave onto wide , tiled rooms .
10 He drew himself upright and walked confidently through the bit of the lobby that gave onto the Cocktail Lounge , where ruddy-faced men stood panting and laughing , sleeves rolled up , ties loose , queuing for drinks or holding trays of them , laughing loudly in deep voices .
11 It is as a native that he accepts the River God , and it is the subjection of Man that gives to Man his dignity .
12 Yet when a man 's life is in balance , mirth is a spice and exhilarator that gives to life an added delight .
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