Example sentences of "that give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Conference , I ask you , with that response what does that hold for our social services within our communities and how hopelessly helpless we must feel that given we will certainly not ?
2 Exasperated , I told her that given his behaviour , it was far more likely that her son would bite my dog !
3 ‘ Thou shalt remember the Lord thy God : for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth , that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers ’ ( Deut. 8 : 18 ) .
4 Now let that give you an idea how serious things are .
5 I had a friend who suffered from twisted testicles so I made sure part of my sponsorship arrangement is that I 'm provided with decent shorts with inner briefs that give me support .
6 We did pain relief and I did all my exercises , had films , talks , books that give me advice and everything , dead good they are .
7 He says unkind things that give me pain , Harry .
8 It looks the English breakfast fixing it up for , that 's what and if you , if you want to look at an X-ray , you will see that the arteries of the body , those are the arteries , bring the blood supply is blocked with arteriosclerosis , and there you can see the English breakfast , the yolk of egg , the butter and all these things that are in there , causing a blockage of the artery , not enough to that muscle , and a heart attack , death and all these unbelievable things , that give me a little bit of income .
9 I ca n't find a bit that Give me the pencil and let me show you .
10 It 's the small details and unusual pieces like these that give their home its character and strongly individual style .
11 they 're not involved , the people the people that give their approval are the people that want it !
12 At the Stella Artois Grass Court Championships , he showed once again , that give him grass , a ‘ bat ’ , and he is surely the best striker of a ball in the world .
13 Sugar have provided the right vehicle for Mould to tether his current world-view to , providing ( with Mould 's guitar and the tightness of the rhythm section ) a set of beautifully hard-knuckled rock arrangements that give him the clout he needs to reinforce the feeling inherent in his vocals .
14 I know somebody here who got very good marks for his lab work and he 's good on computers , and he just programmed the computers in random errors and stuff that give him set results and nice graphs , and they were n't perfect so nobody noticed them , but he fiddled them , and that way he did n't have to do any lab work if he did n't want to .
15 I 'm sure it was that give him trouble .
16 Only an idealized observer could see both the inner processing and the causal relations of the symbols to outside objects that give them meaning : no one could actually be that idealized observer , because each observer is confined to operating on the symbols that are within his computational machinery , and this excludes their external causal relations .
17 By the time they are mature , hedgehogs can have several thousand of the modified hairs that give them their prickly appearance and an ideal form of defence against attackers .
18 Tunnard ( 1989 ) makes some excellent suggestions about ways this can be achieved , including : improving ways of providing emergency protection for children at times of crisis by drawing upon the support of the extended family and local community ; involving parents in decision making , providing parents ' representatives and encouraging the development of local support groups ; improving what happens after separation by offering children and families choices about what can be done , and ensuring contact is promoted and maintained ; dealing with sexual abuse cases in ways that help non-abusing parents to avoid taking a defensive position and that give them the resources and support they need to be able to protect their children .
19 In an organization , they may rarely come to the attention of a predominantly male management in ways that give them power and encouragement .
20 At the Pattmore project in London and the Rosemount project in Glasgow for example , mothers are provided with adequate child care and it enables them to attend courses and gain skills and qualifications that give them a better chance in the job market .
21 And it 's just an uncle that give them
22 If kids do things with their body that give them physical pleasure , that 's more sensuality rather than sexuality .
23 But fundamentally , of course , there is a massive overlap between the two movements in terms both of the issues and of the values and philosophical concerns that give our work any meaning at all .
24 Plants that give us both outstanding flowers and foliage are usually the first choice .
25 In the meditative life , we exchange the worldly things that give us delight for the full commitment of loving God above all .
26 We have begun to measure these trees , noting characteristics that give us clues to their genetic relationships : these trees , growing under plantation conditions , will eventually tell us whether we really have collected new genes useful to farmers who grow cocoa .
27 Something to do with the kinks and chemicals in our brains that give us the Talent .
28 Although there are several aspects of the proposal that give us cause for concern , we have concluded that , on balance , there are insufficient planning grounds on which to justify opposing the development .
29 Somewhere in this range , too , are those coincidences that give us an eerie spine-tingling feeling , like dreaming of a particular person for the first time in decades , then waking up to find that they died in the night .
30 However , most of what they say has been very constructive and it is taking on board these improvements where possible that give us a better service to our customers .
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