Example sentences of "that i [verb] " in BNC.

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1 it was , it was actually there was a programme on television and my husband took me to the doctor and he said he felt I 'd been on it too long , I 'd been on it about six months and when I come off it , I come off it pretty quick and I ended up erm I did n't know what was wrong with me and it ended up I 've now got epilepsy , and they did n't know if it was caused through erm I took a stroke about three four month after that and then I got the epilepsy as well , so they do n't know if that me coming off it
2 Yet , despite all this , Baxter wrote , ‘ not one that I hear of are fallen off or forsake their uprightness ’ .
3 It is only after listening again to my tape-recording of our meeting that I hear him eventually say in his educated , upper-class Dublin accent : ‘ Well , over 90 per cent of people who get raped are not injured in that rape . ’
4 For instance , the sound ‘ tree ’ that I hear is the signifier , to which there corresponds a signified tree in the sense of the concept that the sound evokes in my mind .
5 Here I want to vary the times so that I hear from a true cross-section of our listeners , and those who listen to the graveyard shift , for instance , probably never hear the breakfast show .
6 I ensure that I hear the views of parish councils in rural areas outside my constituency .
7 No it was during the conversation he er he said that I hear that you went to flat and I said yes and he said er well you just missed me , I 'd been there a couple of days before .
8 The number of people that I hear saying things such as I do n't remember stepping over people in the street five years ago and it 's true , in this city I do n't actually remember doing that , not with the frequency with which it happens today and your government and your party has no record to shout about , absolutely none .
9 Cos erm , apparently erm Trevor was working for Bettaware for Avon and they had the Social Services round to say that I hear that your working and they do toy parties and they said no , I mean there not making a living out of it , it 's was just
10 It 's nothing that I hear , say not another car
11 Some of the horror stories that I hear are horrendous , but I want to tell you three issues that I do actually know about .
12 I realised that I fitted happily into that sort of setting .
13 Not that I planned on dying .
14 I felt such a strong love for them that I planned to spend the rest of my life among them , and to try to become more like them .
15 You see — ’ she looked up once more and met his direct blue gaze ‘ — you think I wanted to marry you , that I planned it all , but you were wrong , I did n't . ’
16 It was only when friends accused me of being a pompous , humourless prat that I realised it was meant as a joke .
17 It was only when I got home and looked up the dictionary that I realised what a gem it had been .
18 It was only towards the end of last year , when the book was going to press and space was tight , that I realised how important a contribution was made not only by my work , but also the work of all the women who had contributed to the Project both nationally and internationally .
19 It was only when I was in secondary school and took notice of the relationship of children of my age were with their parents and families , that I realised how other people behaved .
20 It was when I took my jacket off and stood before a mirror and saw for the first time that all I was was a pair of scarlet braces , that I realised that evangelism was n't enough .
21 I felt wonderful , and it was at that moment that I realised that if I started taking my athletics seriously , if I started training properly , if I started listening to Ron , then maybe I could do something in the sport .
22 ‘ It was not until I saw how Messer Bartolomeo 's news was received by your friends that I realised its importance for you . ’
23 It was n't until later that I realised what it was .
24 ‘ It was only later , ’ observed Ken Howard , ‘ that I realised the symbolism of the crucifixion pose .
25 ‘ It was then that I realised what a lovely person he was , ’ says Avril .
26 ‘ I knew that Alan liked the odd drink but it was n't until we were living together that I realised her was more or less an alcoholic , and violent with it . ’
27 ‘ It was only when a few of the details were released that I realised it was me .
28 John , of Pontypridd , Mid Glamorgan , said yesterday : ‘ It was n't until I came to pay for a car at the auction that I realised what I 'd done .
29 It was only much later that I realised the reason for the request and also for the resulting laughter , namely the enjoyment of a broad Somerset accent which had come with me , and traces of which can still be recognised by West Country people nearly seventy years later .
30 It was not until I met my current hairdresser ( who thankfully is still in the same place three years later ! ) that I realised the importance of a good head of hair , stylishly cut , well-conditioned and subtly coloured .
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