Example sentences of "that i [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Let's say , that me as an individual , if I was erm , buying a Covermaster Plan , for twenty pound a month , the minimum premium , let's say I could get fifty thousand pounds worth of cover .
2 And the one thing that I over all these years I have found and I 've come more and more into is aromatherapy , because it 's not
3 And that is quite simply that I of course need to read all of these documents .
4 all that 's been disclosed is one as far as I know , erm your Lordship can see that I at some stage need to have a look at them , er before I complete in any way so I can cross examine Mr er my Lord may I just say this , on the seventeenth of November , that 's two days ago , we asked for the documents of the necessary twelve M P's two days ago
5 Wrote my other essays is an answer that I For those of you that believe that statistics and research matters is about hard sums , you can endorse that view okay .
6 Erm and er what I would like to see , and I 've long wanted to see this coming out of the church , is a rite of passage that I with integrity can offer to any parents who come to me with a , a , a lovely little baby in their arms saying to me parish minister can you give us something that would satisfy us , and they 're not saying it like this , but they want a rite of passage .
7 That I On the first point about us and our own showing of forgiveness .
8 Can I can I say that I after coffee I 'd like to go through each of these criteria and try to distinguish those which are relevant at structure plan level and those which may be more applicable down at the district local plan level .
9 I I recall that I in effect directed that an officer should carry a shotgun as opposed to the original officer that er was down for that weapon .
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