Example sentences of "that [vb mod] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 Ask them why this is and they will reply that should they die during the night they do not want the person who finds them to feel they were dirty or slovenly .
2 I understand Wednesday manager Trevor Francis , who rebuffed Ferguson on the phone , has made it clear to his board that should they be seduced by a new United bid , he would consider his future at the club .
3 the likelihood that should they ( or people they know ) become victims again , they would seek ( or advise others to seek ) the assistance of the police .
4 The result is that should you strive for the tops , you plot your own route and live with the consequences .
5 One significant advantage is that should you upgrade or change your machine in the future you only need a new interface to use the tablet with a new computer — plus the appropriate software , of course .
6 ‘ You can resign in the complete knowledge that should you ever want to come back there will be a position here for you at any time . ’
7 I should n't ask you that should I ?
8 Finally , interviewers are often hesitant to broach the question of one partner wishing to resign , so at interview we raise the issue and offer reassurance that should it ever occur the remaining partner would either also resign or take on the post full time .
9 This is my second letter and it serves notice that should it provoke no reply it will be followed to Keswick by its author , bent on meeting his old and gallant friend Colonel Hope , who he had heard was passing through those parts for a short while to expedite some business before moving on to another country . ’
10 The estate had been willed to another prisoner , a distant cousin , on the clear understanding that should it ever be returned to Jewish hands , the monies and profits taken from it would be devoted to the creation of a Zionist state .
11 More serious was the agreed medical opinion that should she continue in this way , within a week her capacity to have children in later life would be seriously at risk and a little later her life itself might be in danger .
12 So did her parents , her father announcing that should she work for Oz he would n't speak to her any more .
13 That could have been painful that could you bitch .
14 Let's try that shall we ?
15 Is it that would they make the same kind of comment to one of their male students , like ‘ that 's a nice jumper you 've got on ’ , something like that ?
16 Anyway just summarize that would you ?
17 We were talking earlier , and I understand you liked to ride at the weekends , and you 're often competing on your horse , er , ha , if you were to have a fall , and erm , you had a back injury , or erm , you sustained an injury that would you keep you from work for a substantial amount of time , er , how would you feel , would you be able to pay your premiums ?
18 nice and warm that would you see would n't it ?
19 Fancy , you would n't believe that they 'd miss that would you ?
20 He would n't understand that would he ?
21 Only if I lost that would I have to take my little warband elsewhere .
22 would n't indicate that would it er so the A fifty nine relief that the structure plan policy is indicating .
23 very good I says but you tell her just to forget that will ya ?
24 Instead of that horrible stuff and no-one will pick that will they .
25 Wo n't forget that will I ?
26 It is only if you kneel down and call him to you that will he come slowly for his apology .
27 oh , I 've forgotten , you know my brain leaves me at the most important time , do n't forget to post that will you ?
28 Well yes but you tell them that will you ?
29 by ten first , hold that will you ?
30 Only by shedding that can we become humble .
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