Example sentences of "you 've been " in BNC.

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1 And he added , in a voice that would have done credit to an elder of the Wee Frees , ‘ If he is yer brother , then ye 've been committin' incest .
2 Salim presents himself in a light which requires the reader to be told that , although he himself has been making good , he is grieved , or affects to be , by the discovery that the slavish Metty has been getting on : ‘ You 've been very much getting on as though you 're your own man . ’
3 You 've been helping the Vatican in some mysterious business or other , have n't you ? ’
4 You 've been trying to ease me out , Charles .
5 You 've been very quiet about this , Dorothy .
6 You 've been in the wars rather , have n't you ? ’
7 You 've been to a lot of trouble over this , Paul , thank you .
8 And if you 've been watching BBC 's Masterchef series , the winning recipes are also in Good Food , on sale August 8 .
9 ‘ Just I know you 've been busy and enjoying your friends .
10 Goddam it to held lady , you 've been straight all your life .
11 You 've been like a YTS trainee for the past millennia .
12 You 've been lovely to me .
13 You 've been with us , now ,
14 ‘ So , tell me how you 've been , what you 've been doing .
15 ‘ So , tell me how you 've been , what you 've been doing .
16 ‘ While you 've been sitting on your intellectual arses alternately pitying yourselves and the so-called workers , it 's my hard work , my money that 's been keeping this country — ’ Stalking off indoors ; the door shuts .
17 You 've been with me for a whole week now and you might just as well have been a girl , or a boy without balls .
18 If you 've been to a puppy party you 'll know how much fun it can be to train your pup in a positive and natural way .
19 ‘ At parties , if people ask what you 've been doing and you tell them that you 've just been around the world , it stops the conversationd ead . ’
20 Has anyone ever spoken to you like this since you 've been here ?
21 They 'd say things like , ‘ Glen , you 've been a really naughty boy .
22 If you 've been pretty dominant in a company I do n't think you know when that time has actually arrived .
23 You 've been wasted ever since . ’
24 ‘ For instance , if you 've been working towards getting a client somewhere to live and they get it and they come back to you and say ‘ Thanks ’ , that is simply amazing , ’ says Frances .
25 It sounds as though you 've been using more conditioner than your hair needs .
26 You 've been a good friend but unfortunately this is not going to be enough to help your friend .
27 ‘ Yeah , but just reckon what you 've been through , love . ’
28 Now I should like the name and address of the authority who employ you , the name of your landlady and that of the school in which you 've been teaching . ’
29 You 've been mooning about for a few weeks , ’ she chuckled , ruefully .
30 Tell me this , ’ Doctor Staples asked , ‘ you 've been depressed lately , am I right ?
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