Example sentences of "that [pron] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 I reached Belle-Ile by ferry from the peninsula of Quiberon , after a seven-hour drive in 27-degree heat from the Paris airport that nothing on earth would induce me to repeat — though my two companions , one British and one French , conversed enthusiastically on opera , European politics , and structural anthropology .
2 Amnesty International , in a report last December , said that nothing at home had changed ‘ to alleviate gross violations of human rights ’ .
3 I began to think that I was in an isolation hospital , until I realised that nothing at all happens after six o ‘ clock until breakfast next morning — not even a hot drink except in emergencies .
4 It is as though one has a newspaper delivered only for the football results on Saturdays and assumes that nothing at all happened on the other days of the week .
5 It does not even oblige us to assert that nothing but classics , or philosophy , or mathematics , or PPE is education .
6 Many doctors in the post-Freudian age believe that nothing but harm can come from sex education .
7 All were shabby ; all had about them the cleanliness of icy well-water , spoiled and fetid with the reek of the city , that nothing but fire could dispel .
8 [ more calmly ] I am now convinced that nothing but religious considerations and a resolution to watch over the very first appearances of evil can be of sufficient weight to keep steady to his good purpose a vain young man .
9 Landing feet first , I broke only partway through the crust , so that nothing but my boots plunged down into the softer material beneath .
10 As far as these cats were concerned , I have little doubt that nothing but positive r reinforcement would have been given because if they had been punished they simply would n't have done it , and they would have run away and it 's very much more difficult as a as a performer to have an animal w is n't going to want to do the act .
11 In an attempt to provide concise information on this point I have gathered together details of all the surviving English harpsichords from the period 1700–1744 , judging that nothing outside this time span could be relevant to the Mercier picture .
12 But on the contrary , this world of ‘ it was rumoured ’ and ‘ that may well have been so ’ followed at once by ‘ it is more likely that nothing of the sort happened ’ — again in the opening paragraphs — is as exhilarating as the challenge of life 's opacities to a healthy curiosity .
13 The other kind would be academics who are committed to a tough professionalism on the American model , who believe that knowledge advances and becomes obsolete , that theory is essential , and that nothing of interest can be said about literature outside an institutional framework .
14 An understanding had been arrived at with the Danish Tourist Board that nothing of the fabric or the furnishings and fittings in either the Tuscan Villa or The Tamarisks should be altered ; the houses had been complete works of art when they were taken over and were to be respected as such .
15 The Upper School also had its own head — the former deputy head of the Grammar School , who by his quality and determination guaranteed that nothing of value was lost in this elaborate and dangerous transition .
16 Are the foundations of faith so shaky that nothing of any weight can be built on them ?
17 The experience made me deeply grateful that nothing of the same kind , at least with current technology , can be deduced from prose .
18 She said that nothing of the sort would ever happen in her country , that the British are quite civilized , thank you , and that they make the rest of the world seem simply barbaric .
19 More than seventy years after his death and after all the books and shows which have been dedicated to him , one might expect that nothing of any importance would appear now to improve the idea we have of his life and his work .
20 So even if AI were incapable of modelling actual thought-processes , it would not follow that nothing of theoretical interest could have been learned from it .
21 Ace ducked , certain that Defries would land on top of her and then equally sure that nothing of the sort was about to happen .
22 ‘ Our defence experts have assured me that nothing of any real size could get through undetected .
23 You 'd think there 'd be fear that the ploughman would suffer damage among the horse 's hoofs , but such was the bond between them that nothing of the kind ever happened . ’
24 It is also possible that in some cases ‘ improved attitudes ’ is another way of saying that nothing of substance was achieved .
25 ‘ It is almost axiomatic in businesses like this that nothing of value is ever kept in the safe . ’
26 It soon became evident that nothing of the kind was forthcoming : the racist strictures of the War Office prevented promotional possibilities , blacks were not even allowed to join in combat with the enemy .
27 Half an hour in his company left John feeling that nothing of that sort was impossible .
28 They both knew that nothing between them was diminished , their affection could stand the disappointment of their hoped-for treat .
29 The Body being thus equipp 'd and laid in the Coffin ( which Coffin is sometimes very magnificent ) , it is visited a second time to see that it is bury 'd in Flannel , and that nothing about it sowed with Thread .
30 ‘ It shall be the duty of any person who erects or installs any article for use at work in any premises where that article is to be used by persons at work to ensure , so far as is reasonably practicable , that nothing about the way in which it is erected or installed makes it unsafe or a risk to health when properly used . ’
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