Example sentences of "that [pron] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 When Williams appeared to like the idea , Orton totally changed the part so that it could fit him , not so much like a glove , but like a well-crafted cabinet , one in which Ken could be displayed at his finest and with plenty of space to ensure that nothing got in his way .
2 Experience had taught them that nothing alienated support within their districts more swiftly than bombs which killed or injured Roman Catholics and that nothing reduced the inflow of money from Irish American sympathisers more drastically .
3 With a mental shrug she tried to ensure she kept up , knowing that nothing irritated him more than to be kept waiting even a second when he was in this mood .
4 The smell was so all-pervasive that nothing consumed within half a mile of it could taste of anything not pertaining to dog .
5 Even if X. Ray was only the Baptist to some little woodchuck 's saviour , I do know that nothing died with Osvaldo except his own faults .
6 It does seem though , that nothing came of these leases , and during 1749 upon request by Sir William Fleming , one John Lawson ( a Quaker ) sent up Joseph Vipone to see the mines at Coniston and for this Lawson paid him 12s. plus 4s. for a horse for four days .
7 She was disappointed to find that nothing came immediately to mind .
8 So either we shall have to disallow such a possibility and decree that nothing qualifies as a genuine proposition unless its truth-value is fixed for all time , i.e. that all propositions are what is sometimes called " eternal " propositions , or we shall have to accept that truth-value is not an integral part of the objective propositional content .
9 One familiar view is that nothing qualifies as a genuine proper name unless it singles out its object in an unambiguous fashion , and that this task can be accomplished only by a logically simple symbol .
10 Apart from demonstrating one of the unwavering laws of British journalism , that nothing sells newspapers like royalty , and nothing makes a better editorial column than declamations of simple patriotism , the curious thing about these assaults is how much they belong to a period .
11 His control of all those long-arched phrases is also most praiseworthy so that nothing overheats too soon , although the peaks of phrases blossom affectionately .
12 Similarly , the UN 's charter recites that nothing authorises the organisation to interfere in matters within domestic state jurisdiction .
13 9.16 Developing neighbouring property Landlords frequently include a proviso stating that nothing contained in the lease shall prevent them from altering , adding to , refurbishing and generally executing works to neighbouring property .
14 Frege argued that in asserting an existential proposition one is in effect saying something about the relevant concept , namely that certain things fall under it , or , conversely , that nothing falls under it , i.e. that the concept is empty , as the case may be .
15 we can not … simply assume that nothing changes , that gays and lesbians have always existed as we exist today … that there is a mystical continuity between our desires and their desires across the range of cultures and histories .
16 For this , we assume that nothing changes after the first T periods .
17 I gather that nothing remains of the site today .
18 Giorgio Armani wears navy , beige and more navy — punctuated with the occasional white T-shirt — and he has built an empire on the principle that nothing becomes a woman so much as every shade of sludge on the mud flats .
19 If you made everything into a joke , people thought that nothing mattered to you , that you took nothing seriously .
20 To Wilson , it had seemed all of a piece , all part of her own unhappiness , of that weary feeling that nothing mattered , nothing , no amount of effort could alter what was to happen .
21 It seemed that nothing mattered to her now .
22 He was so close , she could n't think , she certainly could n't speak , explain that nothing mattered except the longing , the sudden urgency , the need to feel his mouth on hers .
23 She saw Penry 's eyes on the silver brooch on her shoulder , knew he was remembering their time together on the island , and for a moment she was tempted to throw herself into his arms , to assure him that nothing mattered as long as he loved her , Leonora Fox , not Melanie .
24 It is an absolute rule of the Punch Table that nothing said around it ever finds its way into print .
25 He appealed for leniency on the grounds that nothing had been touched .
26 But the next day Mr Clarke insisted that nothing had in fact changed from the NHS White Paper because it had not talked of cash limits , only of firm budgets .
27 John Major , the Foreign Secretary , said in another BBC interview that nothing had changed since the EC Madrid summit last June : Britain would become a full member of the European Monetary System ( EMS ) when inflation fell to ‘ the approximate rate ’ of European competitors , and when France and Italy abolished exchange controls .
28 And then the moment had passed , and tall and tanned and fit in the sunshine she had walked down the green street with the gardens either side of her , and had known by an instinctive glance that her mother still lived there , that nothing had changed .
29 In March the Prime Minister Winston Churchill , replying to a letter from the TUC Education Committee , gave an assurance that nothing had yet been settled and reserved some memorable prose for a concluding tribute to the value of liberal studies in adult education :
30 Convinced , and quite rightly , that nothing had or would come of Napoleon III 's attempts to drum up an alliance with Italy or Austria-Hungary , dismissing such a possibility as ‘ idle gossip ’ , the Prussian Chancellor prepared to spring his trap .
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