Example sentences of "that [verb] you " in BNC.

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1 ‘ And I know all about that convict you 're hiding .
2 And you are left in this condition during the operation , then at the end of the operation they give you a second injection that reverses the first one that paralysed you .
3 If you 're with someone that pinches you 're a girl you just walk away .
4 I do not say that to mislead you into thinking that Australia is a nasty poisonous place and you 're safe in good old Britain .
5 But it is n't ; it 's the good rounds that bring you back .
6 But it is n't ; it 's the good rounds that bring you back .
7 ‘ You was worried about her , Isaac , same as all of us , ’ said Peg , and she gave Pa one of those nice smiles that made you feel warm inside .
8 It was the kind of sound that made you think of the noise lambs probably make when they can smell the mint being brought in from the garden .
9 Though they also put stuff in the air that made you passive .
10 Was there anything that you remember at that stage that was unusual , that made you suspect something was going to happen ? ’
11 Now that you 're down to an average of 68 pages , why not run back up to 84 with the features that made you great .
12 ‘ Perhaps you were thinking about Finn 's hand and that made you think you saw a hand ? ’
13 And I mean that made you feel bad as well .
14 He looked at her with his blue eyes that made you feel you were in the far distance and he was bringing you into focus gradually , like a ball magnetised to drop into his outstretched hand , be clasped by his fingers .
15 He thought he could hear voices now ; silvery , gentle voices , dark voices , that made you think you might be being watched .
16 The pale blue tights , moulded over bulging thighs , of the male trapeze artists , that made you think about the flattened bulge between their legs .
17 ‘ No reason , ’ she said , ‘ just the same polite curiosity that made you ask all those questions about Simone and André .
18 I 'd like to think that it was remorse that made you come sobbing into Adam 's arms that way , but I 'm not so naïve as to believe it .
19 I was never much use at school work , but he said that did n't matter , what was important was finding something and doing it so that you became good at it , better than the others , and that made you a person , gave you something they did n't have .
20 You seem to have an emotion , that made you resent making a sacrifice to your brother , and , and presumably , would have stopped you making it , if you 'd been free to choose .
21 And er that hurt and that made you much more determined to improve and be able to make a proper load as quickly as possible .
22 Exactly how he achieved this I can not explain except to say that he had a kind of eloquence that made you think he was speaking to you personally and the gift of a born story-teller .
23 ‘ What was it that made you come after me ? ’ she asked , curious to learn the truth .
24 She watched every video you ever made , trying to analyse just what it was that made you so special , so different from all the rest . ’
25 You said , do you actually eat the products that made you allergic Paul ?
26 Because when you do that then that encourages you to , oh yes , well we can , you know , that went quite well but we ought to have done that and that and then you immediately , you , you 're eager to do other things and people get used to splitting up and tackling things in a focused way .
27 It had begun to rain : the kind of damp , penetrating drizzle that chills you to the bone .
28 Those farms were businesses , not monsters that devoured you .
29 A useful outcome is the third ingredient , for what would be the point of skills that led you to a useless outcome ?
30 Varig is the airline that offers you the most alternatives in departure times and flights between Europe and Brazil — 29 in all
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