Example sentences of "that [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 its joints and spring the links that pegged it down
2 Of course , life was n't really like that , but the advertisers want us to believe it was , and that eating their product will help us recapture the feeling — and the taste .
3 Tests show that eating lots of fibre or switching to polyunsaturated fats has about as much chance of prolonging your life as wearing a wig , but a kipper two or three times a week will have your life assurance rep collecting the premiums for ever .
4 But the laws of physics are valid only until further notice " , i.e. until instances are found that falsify them , and this conceivably might be such an instance .
5 Even the WBC , the governing body that insist they 'll now give their title to Lewis , would have been been appeased by such a compromise .
6 In an article in the TES ( 14/9/90 ) Mary Castle claimed that there are fourteen local authorities that insist their schools should have no direct contact with journalists , so one needs to be clear about the LEA regulations before giving a story about the school to the press .
7 … We depend on the media for our life-blood , the stream of information , the adventures , the violence , the romance , … the eternal commentary that lines our lives like a loving companion , a double , making sense of it for us. ( 30–1 )
8 ‘ And I know all about that convict you 're hiding .
9 Our knowledge of this comes very largely from David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel , who worked together for twenty years at Harvard Medical School , recording from single neurons of the visual cortex — the part of the neocortex that receives its input mainly from the eyes .
10 Many donors lay down more or less stringent rules about the use of their funds and these are legally binding on the body that receives them .
11 I agree with you that it 's not right to call your son names , and that slapping him is potentially dangerous .
12 Also it was about time he learnt that bossing her around would n't be a push-over for him .
13 Statistics already show that black women , less susceptible to the street violence and drug problems that undermine their brothers , are now more likely than black men to matriculate and graduate from university .
14 We also find that Ito 's response to our Letter contains some omissions and errors that undermine his position .
15 A lot of their songs have so much personality that Mike has to be the one that plays it live . ’
16 I would have loved to have stayed in her Boathouse despite the eight inch snail with head and horns buried in a roll of butter in the larder in the morning and his relatives ‘ who had a provoking way of paying nocturnal visits , and wandered between the wooden walls and the loosely fixed paper that decked the walls … ’ ; the family of mice and the ‘ sagacious hen ’ that laid her eggs in the corner of the hole in the wall designated as a cupboard .
17 Then , on the eve of the second Test in Madras , Gooch had his infamous encounter with a poisonous prawn that laid him low for several days and was out of the match with diarrhoea and sickness that laid him low for several days .
18 Then , on the eve of the second Test in Madras , Gooch had his infamous encounter with a poisonous prawn that laid him low for several days and was out of the match with diarrhoea and sickness that laid him low for several days .
19 The state monopoly of television in a country that prided itself on its tradition of freedom and pluralism of the means of expression — failed .
20 And now it was n't the threat of being lasered in half that knotted her stomach : it was the inevitability of the sense of failure , of letting down her team , that would follow a muffed throw .
21 What we have there is nothing strikingly original , just a fantastically good club record that enforces nothing more than that irresistible urge to jack your body .
22 They create a drag-like static that slows him down and pollutes what you would have to call his aura .
23 Homeland of the Nez Perce and the neighbouring tribes of the Shahaptian ( H ) and Salish ( A ) families that shared their Plateau culture .
24 There was this story about er the wife that shared their milk with butter .
25 The new Commonwealth declared itself open to other Soviet republics , as well as to states elsewhere that shared its objectives , and on 21 December in Alma Ata a further agreement was signed by the three original members and eight other republics : Armenia , Azerbaijan , Kazakhstan , Kirgizia , Moldavia , Tajikistan , Turkmenia and Uzbekistan .
26 The Consortium agreed to attract into membership all bodies that shared its objectives .
27 But to enable him to concentrate on it , the government services that arose one after the other in the nineteenth century ( forestry , irrigation , the archaeological survey , public health and sani-tation , roads ) were organized outside the administrative structure , and had virtually no contact with the district officer .
28 ‘ I hate that preaching which tendeth to make the hearers laugh or to move their mind with tickling laxity and affect them as a stage player used to do , instead of affecting them with a holy reverence of the name of God . ’
29 Vibrant with exercise , alone , firmly pushing aside all thought that oppressed her , she sat and watched the sea , while the salty air buffeted softly against her cheeks and the gulls wheeled overhead , slightly paler than the pale sky .
30 Christ entered into humanity to defeat the Dark Power that oppressed us and to set us free from the corruption within .
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