Example sentences of "that [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 There is no doubt that eating in the kitchen has an attraction all its own .
2 Even so , considerable errors can build up over the period of ten or more years that elapses between one Census date and the time when the finalized results of the next Census can be used .
3 The social services departments supervise the child during the statutory three-month period that elapses between the notification of adoption proceedings and the making of an adoption order by the court ; a social worker is usually appointed as a guardian ad litem , i.e. for the duration of the case , to interview the prospective adopters , investigate the relevant circumstances and report to the court .
4 Under no circumstances should the time that elapses between mixes extend beyond 24 hours , or leaks are almost inevitable .
5 It is posited here that rational childbearing practices , including patterns as to age of mother at birth of child , the amount of time that elapses between births and the total number of births , would have a salutary effect upon the health and well being of the family and its individual members , particularly mothers and young children .
6 The basis for the proposition that individual women may improve their own prospects and those of their young children as regards health and mortality is the evidence that age at marriage and at childbearing , the amount of time that elapses between births and the total number of children that a woman has borne at various ages have a pronounced influence upon maternal and child health , and that a child 's birth order may be a factor in its survival chances .
7 The focus is upon demographic factors of age at marriage and at first birth , maternal age , order of birth and family size , and the amount of time that elapses between births .
8 Analysis of statistics obtained for 39 developing countries that participated in the WFS has confirmed that the amount of time that elapses between birth is , indeed , a critical factor in child mortality .
9 But there are also maternal ailments attributable to the number of births , the ages at which women bear children and possibly also to the amount of time that elapses between births , presumably , among other things , because the reproductive pattern influences ability to meet demands that pregnancy and breastfeeding make upon the body .
10 The woman 's age at first marriage or union and at first birth , the number of children born and order of birth , and the amount of time that elapses between births directly or indirectly impinge upon the viability of young children and the probability of their survival at least beyond five years and have an effect on maternal health and mortality .
11 I knew that during those brief immortal moments when I was standing up on the board , walking on water , I too felt like a supreme being , until the ocean cast me down again and turned me once more into a creeping thing that creepeth upon the face of the earth .
12 It was not an animal you 'd care to tangle with , not even for the sake of the high-k meat that clung to its bones , not while rats were smaller and had less impressive jaws and could , besides , be sold to the lower-Level kind for a bounty of six minims per head , not to mention what their meat and skin would fetch .
13 And Molly Malone was right : the gangway was little better than a ladder that clung to the ship 's side with fragile tenacity .
14 Those ladies slim and brave enough to wear the high fashion were ethereal in gauzy dresses that clung to their bodies as they moved .
15 The atmosphere of grey repression that clung to the eastern side of the city is being purged at an astonishing speed .
16 Pulling off the sticky brambles that clung to their jeans , Carrie 's children said , ‘ No one 's been here for hundreds of years … ’
17 It was made of a fine gossamer fabric that clung to her smooth , flawless skin .
18 She wanted to apply it to her newly grown hips and breasts , to pare off , with quick disgusted flicks of her wrist , the fat that clung to her .
19 She surveyed his long-limbed body with an attempt at cool detachment , her gaze flickering over the dark denims that moulded his strong thighs , and the jade sweater that clung to his hard male chest .
20 Now he wore only the bottom half of pyjamas , thin cotton ones that clung to him , revealing more than they concealed of his strong muscular body .
21 One , with curling chestnut hair , was five foot ten , and thin , and wore long-legged swimming shorts that clung to him like skin in jagged gold and emerald .
22 She had tangled brown hair , a small and lively face , a dress of dark red material that clung to her .
23 In the end , after much hesitation — all Agnese 's stuff looked so expensive ! — Ronni selected a blue silk jersey dress the colour of her eyes that clung to her in all the right places and looked sensational , and a pair of matching blue sandals that , miraculously , fitted .
24 Caroline concentrated on a spot on the wall while Fabbiano , kneeling on the floor before her , whisked a needle and thread through the hem of the scarlet silk dress that clung to her like a second skin .
25 To call the bit of silk that clung to her body a dress was ridiculous .
26 The lean hand gripping his arm thrust him in at a door in the long encrustation of buildings that clung to the curtain wall on the sunny side , where the best light fell and the day lingered longest .
27 Anodyne solutions are sought through an alchemy of systems that capitalize on consultants and capitulate on common sense .
28 Are you talking about a boy that plays with Sarah ?
29 Romantically associated with the coming of spring , their half-hidden blooms offer a special charm that plays on our inquisitive nature .
30 The most widely remembered is the pithy and witty exchange that plays on Ben 's alienation from the materialistic world of his parents and their friends .
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