Example sentences of "not be to " in BNC.

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1 Be-1 , Pao and S-Cargo , made in small volumes and sold in Japan at premiums over the Micra model on which they are based , may not be to everyone 's taste .
2 It may not be to women 's advantage , but it is there , and it acknowledges the power , albeit negative , of women 's cycles of fertility .
3 She could not be to Pen as Minnie was to Miss Arabel since there was a mother in between but she had a great desire to see her former charge treat her as freely when he reached manhood .
4 One must appreciate that with the passing of time all things progress ; what may have been of considerable interest to one generation may not be to the next .
5 At the meeting , the most important point to convey is that your alternative proposals need not be to their detriment , either in financial terms or in the provision of any accommodation they may be hoping for in a new development on the site .
6 He is not be to confused with our human parents , as Freud and others have neurotically identified him .
7 This ‘ brain and skills drain ’ may not be to the government 's liking because the evidence suggests that about 30,000 people will emigrate abroad , taking considerable assets with them .
8 It is quite natural for all human beings to seek the company of their peers , but surely this should not be to the exclusion of contact with people of all ages .
9 The prelude of Suite No. 3 is a characteristic example , full of dynamic contrasts and bold gestures which work well in their own terms but will not be to everyone 's liking .
10 Demidenko ( Hyperion ) is also highly individual , not to say idiosyncratic , even if his penchant for the mildly unexpected will not be to everyone 's taste , and Katin 's sensitivity and rare gift for sustaining a seamless melodic line ( Olympia ) is let down slightly by his converse reluctance to immerse himself in those many passages when the note-rate increases alarmingly .
11 Otherwise our credit society could easily go sour on us , with repercussions for the country 's industry and commerce which would not be to our benefit .
12 So Sean O'Farrell and his pleasantries would not be to her taste today .
13 He told me not to talk about the matter outside as it might not be to his interests if the facts were made generally known . ’
14 He has just seen that the ultimate aim of the caseworker must not be to casework at all , but to get his cases to face up to caseworking themselves .
15 At Larchgrove some expressed the view that the remedial input necessary to develop Tony 's literacy and numeracy could be provided best at a residential school , but there was a stronger view that it would not be to his benefit to remove him from a secure and caring home .
16 He sat back down next to her , but he still did n't look at her , and she had a sinking feeling that he really was going to tell her the truth about Nicole , but it would not be to her liking .
17 Instinct told her that he was planning something for her and it might not be to her liking .
18 Sound content , but humorous approach may not be to everyone 's taste .
19 It might not be to everyone 's taste or be able to last for hundreds of years but you have to admit that she would turn a few heads if she appeared sitting casually in your garden .
20 This would not be to the exclusion of other World Religions which would be included in their appropriate curricular area .
21 Half-way through the twentieth century it was becoming clear to the more perceptive analysts that , whatever the political limitations might or might not be to that form of growth , there were ecological limitations looming on the horizon .
22 Market reports suggest that the sale will not be to a local business .
23 Fighting , he says , is ‘ the real , highest , honestest business of every son of man ’ and he advises ‘ those young persons whose stomachs are not strong , or who think a good set-to with the weapons which God has given to us all , an uncivilized , unchristian , or ungentlemanly affair , just skip this chapter at once , for it wo n't be to their taste ’ .
24 Right , I hope , we wo n't be to long now , perhaps if we could just bring up the item you wanted to mention .
25 Even if your reasoning is self-evident to you , it wo n't be to other people , who will come at the issue from a slightly ( or very ) different point of view .
26 ‘ Well , if Sister 's sanctioned it , it ca n't be to Melrose , where that dishy registrar 's often to be seen . ’
27 He says that it should n't be to difficult , just time consuming .
28 I would hope he wo n't be to late or he 'll be exhausted .
29 So waits now as Lawrence comes up and bowls to him and this , oooh off the edge and that 's going down up towards the third man , going over the ropes down the far end and and that 's one boundary there off the edge at one hundred and thirteen for four , Lawrence wo n't be to happy about that , but it happens to all fast bowlers .
30 Do n't be to Jacob , I 'll slap your lips off !
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