Example sentences of "not be to " in BNC.

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1 I pointed out that I had not been to the polytechnic , but had been to Durham University on a scholarship — only the second the force had been awarded .
2 But I incline to think that our grandfathers and grandmothers were in the right of it , and that no one can claim to understand Wordsworth who has not been to Hawkshead and Ambleside .
3 Mr Gray said the Distone order had not been to V Corps , but to the neighbouring XIII Corps , and Lord Aldington had been correct to follow the Robertson order .
4 Relations between Egypt and Libya have been erratic since Colonel Gaddafi seized power 20 years ago , and he has not been to Egypt since the 1973 Arab-Israeli war .
5 West Germans who had not been to the East had no difficulty in believing them .
6 ‘ I 've not been to the new grounds at Walsall and Scunthorpe , Maidstone 's ground , or covered a League match at Barnet .
7 I had not been to such a party since before Leslie went to North Africa , and talking to Ika and his friends on a balcony canopied by a starry sky , I felt a spurt of pleasure , quickly followed by a surge of guilt : Leslie was dead , and I was alive , and capable of enjoying some temporary diversion .
8 It must introduce new concepts , whether in mathematics , geography , physics or literature , concepts that are unfamiliar , and would have remained unknown to a child who had not been to school .
9 One after the other was called to report why he had not been to the police court for a long period , and threatened that if he did not do more work in the future he would lose pay .
10 We were taught at home by Mam 's maiden sister , Aunt Mary , who had not been to school herself .
11 There can not be many Catholics in Halifax who have not been to an event at St. Mary 's !
12 Most attention focuses here on shifts in Labour policy , on armaments and on the EC , to which may also be added another less publicised shift , namely on attitudes to the US : when Foot became leader of the Labour Party in 1979 , he had not been to Washington since the 1940s ; Kinnock and his associates were frequent , and informed , visitors .
13 So far Probyn has not been to impressed with the results .
14 But the celebration of the Friend , which sometimes takes the form of an apparent self-abasement by the Poet , has not been to everyone 's liking .
15 His magnificent gifts of drawing — not exaggerating — character and of getting an atmosphere have so worked that few of us have not been to sea in frigates before the age of eighteen and come in some way in contact with non-comfortable men and women .
16 Anna thought of the funeral she had not been to , she had often thought about it , the strange people and strange cats who attended it .
17 Also on the visiting critics ' itinerary were such exotica as a barbecue dinner and a visit to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo ; your correspondent , a native Texan , had not been to the rodeo since 1961 , when he shook Roy Rogers 's hand , but none the less did not feel compelled to spice up this report with such familiar Texas seasoning .
18 Alice hoped it was not on account of Jasper though , clearly , to make that emotional speech had not been to clever .
19 It was n't far from where he lived , just a stop further on the tube , but he 'd not been to the area before .
20 N ) How many have not been to either of these places ?
21 I had not been to London for over twenty years , and my daughters had never been there .
22 He was fully dressed , his shirt creased enough to imply he had not been to bed at all .
23 She still had not been to confession .
24 He ate and drank simply and , although he enjoyed the theatre , he had not been to a play for twenty years .
25 In profit-oriented organizations this emphasis has not been to the exclusion of performance measures for the simple reason that , because of the existence of the profit measure , the stewardship accounts can be analysed to yield pointers to performance .
26 It was chairman Lord Rees 's first visit to LASMO Colombia , while chief executive Chris Greentree had not been to Bogota for five years .
27 On deck , Martha and Nenna had been joined by Maurice , who had decided to consider himself on holiday , and had not been to the pub for several nights .
28 I could also check that she had not been to Baskerville Hall on the night of Sir Charles ' death .
29 I 've not been to London in twelve years . ’
30 For instance , before the war , it was reported that he was heard to say over the telephone , in reply to an invitation from a leading London hostess , ‘ I should especially like to come , as I have not been to Hampstead since 1916 ’ .
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