Example sentences of "not be [verb] " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 It appears that regulation has not been tightened after the Barlow Clowes affair , nor have the lessons been learned .
2 The determination of the price is very important since the lack of this may be an indication that the contract has not been concluded .
3 However , as Captain Robert Cunningham pointed out , as watchman Main was actually paid his £15 , while in his promoted post he had not been appointed to any port and held an appointment as tidesman at large , which meant that he was only paid when he was actually employed , and Haldane interest with the commissioners would make his tours of duty few and far between unless he experienced a timely political conversion .
4 In this context , the material before the board indicated — ( 1 ) that investors were persuaded by company representatives employed by the Winchester Group to cancel their existing policies and to ‘ switch ’ to Norwich Union without their best interests and any disadvantages attendant upon so doing necessarily being considered ; ( 2 ) that other undesirable selling practices — for instance ‘ overselling ’ whereby investors are persuaded to take out a range of policies which they may not be able to afford in the long term — have been employed by company representatives selling on behalf of the Winchester Group ; ( 3 ) that the fact find forms completed by the Winchester Group for forwarding to Norwich Union were inadequate for the purposes of ensuring that products were only sold to investors on a ‘ best advice ’ basis ; ( 4 ) that the connections between Mr. Tee and Mr. Kissane ( a former director of the Winchester Group now awaiting trial on charges of theft of client moneys ) and also between the Winchester Group and Mr. Randhir Singh were such as to call into question the extent to which the controllers , directors and senior managers of the Winchester Group could be regarded as being of good character and competent or otherwise suitable to manage the marketing of investment contracts on behalf of Norwich Union and also whether the Winchester Group could be safely regarded as a fit and proper person for the purposes of enjoying appointed representative status ; ( 5 ) that policies had been sold by eight persons engaged by the Winchester Group who had not been appointed as company representatives of Norwich Union or in any other way authorised to sell investment contracts on behalf of Norwich Union and that other individuals who had been appointed as company representatives had not been registered as such with Lautro ; ( 6 ) that certain company representatives engaged by the Winchester Group appeared to be channelling client moneys through their own personal bank accounts .
5 If he has not been appointed to act , he should deliver a certificate that he is a fit and proper person to act as guardian ad litem and has no interest adverse to the defendant .
6 We have built up a great deal of knowledge about the historical side of the palaces but that has not been presented to the public . ’
7 If the process of evolution had not been presented in this way ( though with careful caveats ) it is very questionable whether it could have been accepted so rapidly by Victorian society .
8 Hence overall summary measures have not been presented .
9 In accordance with the exemption available under S230 Companies Act 1985 , a separate profit and loss account dealing with the results of the Company only has not been presented .
10 British farmers received no warnings and use of the fungicides has not been cut in Britain .
11 The command structure has not been cut to match .
12 His tongue had not been cut out — it loomed thick and purple behind those savage teeth and the thick whiskers of severed whip — however his throat was dry as dust .
13 Following the safety line up to your guide boat seems to be the best possibility , but only if the line has not been cut on the sharp edges of the ice , or if the boat tender has not had to release the safety line to keep his boat from being capsized or dragged under the iceberg .
14 We have not been cut loose .
15 His hair , which had not been cut for weeks , fell in silky waves around his face .
16 There is part of that grass cutting probably due to the fact that our pavements are also covered in grass , some of them as much as two foot on either side , and you 've got two foot down the middle , going like that , where the grass is growing and has not been cut back since nineteen seventy four .
17 As for the hair which used to be trimmed by a top London stylist and had swung in a smooth shoulder-skimming bob , it had not been cut for months and was now bundled unceremoniously on to the top of her head .
18 Old stags and hinds and young calves numbers have not been cut as in the past by the cold climate .
19 Had Ken not been beset by peculiarly worrying tours as England manager/coach , that small family might have been spared such early grief .
20 An alloy which was not available to the ancient Egyptians because the required technology had not been developed was brass ( oreichalcum or oreichalkos to the ancient writers ) , the alloy of copper with zinc .
21 Other triterpenoids such as oleanolic acid ( 2 ) 4 ( Calendula ) , ursolic acid ( 3 ) 5 ( Psychotria adenophylla ) , taxaxerol ( 4 ) 5 ( Taraxacum officinale ) , lupeol acetate ( 5 ) 5 ( Spilanthes ocymifolia ) and sericic acid and it glycoside sericoside ( 6 ) 6 ( Terminalia sericea ) have antiulcer properties but these compounds have not been developed commercially in the West .
22 It is at present very expensive , in the order of $US500-$US 1000 per ha , and low cost methods have not been developed .
23 What has not been developed to the same extent is the suggestiveness of his work on the novel for theories of genre , a suggestiveness which I will only touch on here , but which seems to me to be worth a great deal more investigation and discussion .
24 Methods for measuring the amount or intensity of radiation had not been developed , and the doses to which different patients were exposed probably varied from the imperceptible to the lethal .
25 Coaching , however , has not been developed in the UK as much as it should have been .
26 In England this system has not been developed so much as in other countries .
27 The practice note has not been developed to cover recognised professional bodies specifically , although much will be applicable to an audit of one of their members which conducts investment business .
28 To someone without this discriminative capacity , either congenitally or because it has not been developed , a thing can present a blue appearance , but he can not see it as blue .
29 Official regulation of headhunting in Britain , in contrast with the USA , has not been developed and no widely accepted written body of rules exists .
30 Some six hundred hectares of that land is actually designated as greenbelt , but in addition within that a number of those areas are er prevented from development in perpetuity we 'd argue because a large part of that area has got a historic status as stray land , which is a form of common land , which means it 's actually not not available for any form of development , similarly the flood planes of the river Ouse in particular is for physical development reasons er prevented from development in many areas , and those of you who were here this weekend will have no noticed the reason why , it was a flooding that took that took place on the Ouse valley , in addition to those constraints , open space within the city is at a premium erm the city falls below the Emperface standard , erm by er something like erm half a hectare per thousand population , so compared with the Emperface standard of two point four per thousand , the city reaches a quite a generous erm categorization of the recreational space we have available , only a total of two hectares per thousand , therefore , and this is very relevant to the Greater York debate , erm , really the only land for development within the city is recycled land , there are limited number of er sites which have not been developed in recent years erm which can be identified for development , and are being identified for development in our draft local plan .
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