Example sentences of "for [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 This cuts most crop for least work but leaves the windrow in a continuous ‘ rope ’ with heads and butts mixed .
2 Just as the capitalist desires maximum output from labour for least cost , so does the labourer want maximum pay for the least effort .
3 And she 'd got to say whoever er work for least money , got the job .
4 The present pattern is an ultra-sound bite , one for each member of the family , or a six-pack for guests if such people still exist .
5 The target for each member is to raise £60 in sponsorship from friends and relatives .
6 Last night the four jurors said : ‘ We suggest the easiest way to resolve the matter is for each member of the jury to identify his own hand-written ballot paper . ’
7 It does take time , about two hours for each member of staff when preparation and writing is included but it has been an investment that has repaid the school with great dividends .
8 to provide an opportunity for each member to share the joys and sorrows of the past months , with the opportunity to receive prayer and/or ministry .
9 The family may have a well-furnished house , with furniture of different sizes for each member , so the children may use each size appropriately .
10 ‘ Provide tailor-made training courses for each member of staff ’ .
11 Their beautiful home , hidden way up in the California hills , is divided into three parts , one for each member of the group .
12 She knew the hand span necessary for each member of the hareem and piles of measured cloth began to rise beside her .
13 For each member of staff a clear role specification is important if the grey areas of responsibility within which guilt and resentment breed are to be avoided .
14 If the probability of being included is equal for each member of the relevant population then the sample is said to be a random one .
15 The European currency unit ( ECU ) is used as a basis for calculating a central rate for each member s currency .
16 The parity grid arrangement is similar in its operation to the snake in that absolute intervention points are set for each member currency against every other at which central banks are obliged to buy or sell their own currencies .
17 In loose-leaf format , it contains the text of the Convention in both languages , lists of parties , the explanatory report of Mr. P. W. Amram , the rapporteur of the Third Commission of the 1968 Session which prepared the Convention , the text of reservations and declarations made under the various articles of the Convention , a note of the 1978 Special Commission meeting , a digest of case-law on the Convention , and detailed practical information , including addresses and telephone numbers of the Central Authorities , for each member State .
18 This could cause the loss of a whole revolution for each member of the chain , because the processing of the link field might take long enough to miss the start of the next record .
19 To get Russian visas for Leningrad or Vyborg : Contact the Baltic Yacht Club stating name of the boat , dates of arrival and departure , a crew list with date and place of birth and passport number for each member .
20 One of the more controversial aspects of the budget , and one which contributed to the growing public concern about the integrity of the political system , was an increase in the so-called " MPs ' slush fund " ( more correctly the National Development Fund ) to K100,000 annually for each member .
21 It is for each member state to decide how its powers should be exercised domestically .
22 A register of licensed auditors is to be set up for each member state .
23 The basic allowance for each member during 1992–93 is to be reduced to £1,681 to be paid on a monthly basis of £140.12 .
24 If it were possible to draw up reasonably accurate guidelines showing the rate of decline in use for each subject this would clearly serve as valuable background information for the librarian attempting to make discard or relegation decisions on individual volumes within those subject areas .
25 They suggested that pupil results should be presented as an attainment profile and that for each subject there should be a very small number of ‘ profile components ’ which reflected the variety of knowledge skills and understanding to which a study of the subject gave rise .
26 In the course descriptions on the following pages , the particular entry requirements for each subject are given under that subject heading .
27 This will be done by giving for each subject a brief clinical case description , based on the application of a standard diagnostic schedule , to be described at the end of the chapter .
28 Completed in this form the schedule for each subject was then scored ( by GSC ) , using the rules contained in the SADS-L .
29 The computerised method assures a standard experimental procedure for each subject … it minimises interaction of the subject with the experimenter .
30 The more controversial aspect of TNC concerns the establishment of programmes of study for each subject , with attainment targets for the three core subjects and some foundation subjects .
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