Example sentences of "it [prep] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Yes I know it , erm I suggest we type it for faxing , have we got fax for these ?
2 Even in the best hotels they tended to view whisky as a kind of pastis and served it for drinking in the French way .
3 ‘ We used it for shirting in 1992 and we 're using it in blends with linen for suitings for spring 1993 . ’
4 Kilcline got the ball in the net with a header after 80 minutes but the referee Roger Milford disallowed it for pushing .
5 The Fed is still sore from the criticism thrown at it for pushing America into recession ; if it tightens policy before official figures show inflation to be rising , it will come under fierce political attack .
6 There 's nothing like it for pushing the world aside . ’
7 Somebody uses it for boozing sessions . ’
8 Where the PC has no real expanded RAM , using EMM386.EXE to provide it for cacheing is wasteful of resources .
9 Director Chris Pond said : ‘ People will be faced with difficult choices , such as whether to use water for baths , or save it for cooking or to water the flower pots . ’
10 They defined fire as a means of warmth and used it to heat their dwellings ; as a means of defence and used it to ward off wild animals ; and as a means of transforming substances and employed it for cooking and hardening the points of wooden spears .
11 See M er Martin tried to get it used as people use it for meeting rooms and things but er you see you ca n't park either can you ?
12 It 's a company flat ; I keep it for entertaining mostly .
13 Collect water from gutters in a rainwater butt , and use it for watering plants outdoors ( not in greenhouse or indoors ) .
14 As the horse learns from the voice to listen to the seat , leg and rein aids then you gradually dispense with the voice and only use it for rewarding when he is good .
15 It is primarily organised along the lines of the current OPCS scheme , but it would also be possible to use it for coding to KOS or CODOT .
16 And he hailed it for providing an ideal environment in which individualism can flourish .
17 It includes some useful guidelines for those who wish to use it for choosing a course , either for themselves or for an employee .
18 ‘ Nothing to beat it for shifting the wind ! ’
19 I need to know the wiring for the Nato socket as I intend to use it for towing my caravan , but will need to alter the wiring to suit or obtain another Nato plug and add the 12n/12s plugs to this .
20 Do they use it for dating ?
21 Instead of quitting the music business she should have learned to use it for singing rather than mouthing off at every opportunity .
22 Always inspect each hook closely before you use it ; test it for breaking or bending ; reduce or remove the barb where necessary , and work on it with a fine oil stone until it is as sharp as you can get it — this should not actually be necessary with the new chemically sharpened hooks .
23 But it was the Victorian taste for jet , spurred by the Queen 's adoption of it for mourning that forged the unforgettable link with Whitby .
24 John Gummer 's attack on it for promoting ‘ heresy ’ by broadcasting discussion about the truth , or otherwise , of the resurrection is given full coverage .
25 Susan Clements borrows it for discussing some issues to do with drug and alcohol teams .
26 He uses it for taping i at work .
27 The government believes that people will love it for abolishing counties like Humberside , which proud Yorkshiremen have always refused to acknowledge .
28 Some have proposed other reasons for Planet X , blaming it for causing periodic comet showers and mass extinctions on Earth , or for stealing Pluto from Neptune and reversing the motion of Neptune 's satellite Triton .
29 The connotations of this in the creation of manhood were made clear by Baden Powell , founder of the Scout movement , who observed that masturbation checks the semen from getting its full chance of making the strong , manly man : ‘ You are throwing away the seed that has been handed down to you as a trust instead of keeping it and ripening it for bringing a son to you later on . ’
30 Environmentalists criticized it for emphasizing improved access to energy supplies while failing to ensure adequate environmental safeguards .
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