Example sentences of "it [modal v] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The salary of the post to which the unlucky Mr Achterlonie aspired was a mere twenty pounds per annum , but Montrose did not disdain it , conscious that ‘ triffling as such a post is it may effectuallie oblidge some body who may be reddie to repay such a favor upon ane other occasion ’ .
2 By preventing ovulation it may ben suppress menstruation — a useful advantage , once the user has realized that it is not a sign of disastrous contraceptive failure .
3 If the hiatus is serious he may have to shut down all or part of the system or it may trip automatically and the operator 's task is to observe/control the shut-down to a quiescent state .
4 Ira Dilworth applauded the idea and gave me an official ‘ To Whom It May Concern ’ letter of introduction , which opened a number of official doors , got me as far as Edmonton , and served as an invaluable introduction to some high ranking officers of the R.C.A.F.
5 To Whom It May Concern :
6 The stresses set up by the effects of heat and cold on the glass could have weakened it to the point that it may fracture under pressure in the aquarium .
7 Jardines has threatened that , unless the regulators leave it alone , it may delist the shares of companies it controls from the local stock exchange — 14% of the market 's capitalisation .
8 Plenty of space should be given to this plant so that it may bush out .
9 It may interest them that within the last few months the European parliament has agreed to press for a bill of rights for the citizens of Europe and for a written constitution for Europe .
10 Be that as it may Dentdale certainly is , as I have said , the bonniest of all the Dales and Dent village , with its cobbled streets and whitewashed houses , the bonniest of all the Dale villages .
11 It may distress you deeply , especially if you have never been in debt before , but do not succumb to anxiety .
12 It may flesh-out Burbank 's story , and it may strip away some of the glory from the Shakespearian version of Antony 's .
13 Those who have recognized the cool clear rush of air for what it may presage have already taken steps to ensure the accurate placement of a safety net .
14 One litter a year is quite enough for my needs , and it is in any case very much better to look after one litter properly — it may number eight or a dozen — than to spread the effort ( and the food available ) through a much larger number .
15 It may paper over things and succeed in buying time , but it can not overcome the class-based conflicts that will eventually bubble up to the surface .
16 It ought ti 'ave been done afore , really .
17 They say it should meen more financial control .
18 Of course you should dose it should conditions be foggy .
19 It should hinge on management by walking around or perhaps on our old friend , management by objective .
20 The Handbook of Developmental Psychology , edited by Benjamin Wolman , covers nearly everything one could think of — as it should weighing in at £69 and nearly 5½ kg !
21 It should benchmark at between 115 and 150 Specint 92 and between 162 and 200 Specfp 92 .
22 It should benchmark between 115 and 150 Specint 92 and between 162 and 200 Specfp 92 .
23 What sort of , erm , pressure or involvement or leadership ought to be given , or wh , yeah , what pressure ought to be put on the business sector , in order that it should sort of , conform conform is not a very good word , in order , it 's ability to contribute to the voluntary sector , and engage with it , should not be based upon individual and enlightened examples , such as I B M's , but should pull upwards the rest of the business sector , in other words , should N C V O actually says to the business sector as a whole , look , we think globally this is what you ought to be doing .
24 We already sell wine in Germany , but now we 're taking it to where it should be-back to France .
25 The first thing to be said about it is that , whatever background you choose , it must mesh in well with the murder plot .
26 In 1955 a major Israeli reprisal raid on Gaza persuaded Egypt that it must arm itself , and it found a ready supplier in the Soviet Union which was anxious to gain a foothold in the Middle East as part of its policy of making friends in the post-colonial Third World .
27 It must hiv been when they took yer watch . ’
28 ‘ If ye picked him out it must hiv been him . ’
29 You complain how seldom I attend you , and when you are always talking of matrimony or this low-born raw girl it must needs lessen the pleasure of approaching you .
30 It might fracture the earth 's crust , with cataclysmic results .
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