Example sentences of "i can [pron] " in BNC.

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1 And if I can what are you going to offer me ?
2 I can what 's round ?
3 so like after a few days I can her saying , oh , I 'm gon na have to go , I 'm gon na have to feed dog and they 're having it put down , they 're having it put down .
4 Just send one of them in here and then I 'll see if I can er I do n't mind really I 'll see if I can which one would like me to chat up for you I suppose really that 's basically it .
5 I I can we leave the word poor and below alone for the moment so that
6 No big things first so I can we put it here ?
7 with me and see if I can something
8 I can myself envisage no circumstances in which it would be right directly or indirectly to require a doctor to treat a patient in a way that was contrary to the doctor 's professional judgment and duty to the patient .
9 And and the write up in one of the papers well I was well I 'd to tell that guy if he 's watching I can ya nip !
10 Right well yo well you might as well bring it down I 'll see if I can somebody
11 My ethos was I 've got a lot of money , but I 've got to look after the people as far as I can who have helped to produce it and I am going to make it grow bigger for our successors .
12 Well once I 've got you know once I 've got the shape of the story in my mind I can it down in an hour or so every time you know it 's in long hand , then it takes me hours to type it but er you know the actual once I 've got the idea I I find it necessary to get it all down you know in long hand as quickly as possible .
13 At the end of two days you say well fine but it 's not for me I ca n't do anything about that when you walk out the room but I hope my objective is to convince you that here is something that like lots of other people in time I can it 's a very very useful system .
14 That was like that was like your man big Albert when they were out and this fucking fella says to him do us a favour mate and he says aye , no problem I 'll do it if I can he says well would you go out sta put your take your trousers down , show us your arse
15 As soon as I can I will tell you when this might be so that we can fix up a time .
16 ‘ If I can I would like to nominate my father Peter Collinge .
17 Just tell your old godfather , and if I can I 'll help .
18 can I can I ask the funding of the playhouse .
19 If I can I 'll be .
20 Can I Can I
21 No I can I can move it , I can , yeah .
22 However , er I can I have all their names , I know how to contact them .
23 Or I can I mean I intend to laser print
24 Erm I mean I can I Actually I have n't got all that many left , which I think is
25 Er and I can I can go and er I can
26 Can I Can I just interrupt and say I 've forgotten .
27 Well first can I can I say this .
28 Can I can I just focus your mind on two things gents ?
29 Can I can I give you a scenario ?
30 Can I can I do you think I could just ask to run through all these , cos er you you put a couple of strange tunes
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