Example sentences of "i can [verb] " in BNC.

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1 A towel that I 've put over the radiator to get warm so I can wrap it cosily round myself and hug myself dry .
2 I can wrap myself in a cloak or something . ’
3 I 'll have to you 've got ta give me chance to buy papa and grandma 's grandpa 's and I can wrap them up and give them to them at the golden wedding or ca n't I ?
4 ‘ Now I can carve her again , ’ Michael said with satisfaction , when the customer had gone .
5 All I can tell you with certainty is that I , for one , have no self , and that I am unwilling or unable to perpetrate upon myself the joke of a self .
6 And I can tell you why .
7 Sir William and her Ladyship have been noticing things , I can tell you . ’
8 ‘ Well , we 'd never have called France ‘ gallant ’ , I can tell you .
9 ‘ Anything that I can tell you , Inspector , I will , but my acquaintanceship with Mrs Iverson in the event was brief . ’
10 I can tell when he is having a hypo because he gets disorientated and confused .
11 When I insist on that priority , as I can tell you I most certainly will — with the full support of the Prime Minister in doing so — then I 'm sure my colleagues will see the point of that .
12 But Mr Bullock said : ‘ I can tell you that the name belongs to us . ’
13 My Icelandic only runs to ‘ coffee , please , ’ but I can tell the essence of his story from the colour of his face .
14 She was a nasty mess , I can tell you .
15 ‘ Your generation just was n't educated , Pop , but I can tell you I hardly know anyone who does n't read French .
16 ‘ Set me back , I can tell you .
17 It 's not funny , I can tell you , trying to tell a sick woman her daughter 's dead when she keeps insisting she 's alive and in Germany . ’
18 I can tell you the precise date , if you like .
19 She was in a bit of a way , I can tell you .
20 They 're all dead keen on getting this fridge , I can tell you . ’
21 And I felt bloody , I can tell you . ’
22 I can tell by the way people look at him .
23 Summat 's up with Marie — I can tell .
24 I can tell by the way she looks at them .
25 I can tell Fräulein Silber that I 'll be staying with her next week then ? ’
26 ‘ All I can tell you at the moment is that she is on the danger list .
27 I can tell what they are walking on , maybe ; perhaps whether they are going upstairs or downstairs .
28 In fact , nobody anywhere — as far as I can tell — has questioned any aspect of this nonsense .
29 I mean , let's face it , I 'm in a no-win Situation , and quite honestly , I 'm so stuffed up to here with the whole Stupid mess that , I can tell you , I 've just Got a good mind to take the quick way out .
30 The area organiser responded : ‘ It 's a local rule , and I can tell you now that the committee will reject your application unless you 're in a union . ’
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