Example sentences of "i give he " in BNC.

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1 But have I given him enough lines ?
2 Can I give him a message ? ’
3 Should I give him a knee where it hurt ?
4 ‘ But what else can I give him to do ? ’ wailed Dyson .
5 ‘ Can I give him a mug of tea ? ’
6 How much of that can I give him ?
7 Can I give him a message , or will you ring back ? ’
8 Why ca n't I give him his breakfast ?
9 How would I give him money ?
10 Shall I give him a point ?
11 Shall I give him two straws ?
12 Will I give him a job there ?
13 Well shall I give him
14 Shall I give him the hundred ?
15 Dear Anne , can I give him up ?
16 Mind , when I give 'im the wallet and 'e looked inside it , 'e was a mite more pleasant , even if I could n't see nothing but 'is mince pies and 'is 'ooter .
17 He goes off again when I give him his cloth back .
18 I give him sweets , ’ said Lee .
19 During his lunch-hour I give him the last orange , a biro and three lollipops , all I can muster , and wish him a happy birthday .
20 So I give him more arms and he says he does n't need to make concessions because Israel is strong . ’
21 I give him what I hope is a suitably withering look .
22 It is with no disrespect to her that I give him preference .
23 I usually work him in for an hour , but when I 'm riding him around in the arena before the bell goes , I 'm still thinking , ‘ How on earth am I going to get this thing up the centre line ? ’ because he 's gawping at everything , but then I give him a jolly good boot and we get on with it … ’
24 ‘ Timmy has what I give him .
25 ‘ My main thought was if I offer him my car how will I get to work tomorrow , and also if I give him the car will I be able to collect the insurance ?
26 That form bears the closest inspection and as the six-year-old has settled into his new surroundings at the Marriott Stables I give him the edge over Newton Point , whose cause will not have been helped by the rain .
27 Joinville reported the king 's reply to his counsellors who opposed the treaty with England of 1259 : ‘ it seems to me that what I give him [ Henry III ] I am employing well , because he was not my man , and now he enters into my homage ’ .
28 I was walking along with my girl and I see my old man and I was scared , you know , smoking , but at the same time I did n't want to throw it away because my girl was there , you know , and she 'd see it , and I just kept on walking and my old man stopped and said to me , ‘ Give me a light ’ , and I give him a light , and he said , ‘ I 'm away to the shops ’ , and I was , you know , thinking , I can get away with this .
29 It depends on how much you can do how much Simon can do on his own if I give him stuff to do .
30 I give him leave .
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