Example sentences of "i give to " in BNC.

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1 What would n't I give to be in your shoes now !
2 Coleman 's will , dated 1 July 1839 , provided for the founding of a Coleman prize : ‘ Also , I give to the Royal Veterinary College , at the expiration of three years from my decease , the sum of one hundred and sixty-six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence , 3 per Cent .
3 But even with that clutch of reasons to be glassy-eyed , I 've stayed almost sober for an entire month , sitting miserably at the bar wondering why low-alcohol lager has an after-taste like floor polish , and disturbing old friends with the rapt attention I give to such enquiries as : ‘ Ice and lemon in your tonic water , sir ? ’
4 You do n't think for one minute I 'm going to eat the filth I give to you ?
5 And throughout the journey , the question asked by that woman in the beginning anchored the emphasis of this book , it shook a fist at the ghosts over my shoulder ( because like most people I give to others the power to intimidate and censor from afar ) and it forced me to make the chronicle accountable to its subjects .
6 I must also emphasise that the answer I give to the question before me will be of general application .
7 On the contrary , the older I get , the greater priority I give to a loving relationship .
8 I pledge to increase the amount of time or money I give to environmental and development organisations .
9 I give to charity what I can afford . ’
10 Archivist reads : I give to Henry my eldest son my broad loom in the shop with my rapier and dagger and a physic book called the Breviary of Health .
11 I give to you Helen
12 We did if you remember Colin we did erm produce some figures about break evens er which I gave to you and
13 And I 'd like you , if you have n't destroyed them totally , to use the little piece of paper I gave to you all .
14 This I gave to Shawcraft .
15 All I had were a few personal belongings and a little money , and these I gave to Jean-Claude with all my heart .
16 guilty lest I gave to the good-looking only
17 Let me give you the text of a talk I gave to the Bridport Women 's Institute , before the Scandal , and when Julian and I were still developing our blueprint for the world of the future .
18 No matter where I wander I am haunted by your name The portrait of your beauty stays the same sailing on the ocean wondering where you are if you 'll return again where is the ring I gave to Nancy Spain …
19 I repeat the undertaking that I gave to the hon. and learned Member for Fife , North-East ( Mr. Campbell ) a moment ago .
20 I refer my hon. Friend to the answer I gave to my hon. Friend the Member for Gravesham ( Mr. Arnold ) some moments ago .
21 I refer my hon. Friend to the answer that I gave to my hon. Friend the Member for Gravesham ( Mr. Arnold ) some moments ago .
22 Again , I respect my hon. Friend 's strongly held personal views , but Parliament has expressed its views and I can not add anything to the answer that I gave to the two previous questions .
23 If he had done a little more research and had seen the evidence that I gave to the Treasury and Civil Service Select Committee in 1987 , he would have seen then — when we had a fiscal surplus of many billions — that I indicated that it would be right , in a downturn , to borrow money in a recession .
24 I refer to the answer that I gave to the hon. Member for Hemsworth ( Mr. Enright ) some moments ago .
25 That is the undertaking that I gave to the Select Committee .
26 The issue centres upon the response to an order made by Mr. Justice Garland in the early hours of 2 May and the consideration that I gave to that order at a meeting at 4 pm on the same day .
27 If I may hark back to the answer that I gave to the right hon. Member for Morley and Leeds , South ( Mr. Rees ) , one of the areas on which there has been a significant concentration by the Government and the security forces in recent years is the financial resources available to terrorists — I hasten to say on both sides of the community .
28 Every area you look at South Africa in a report I gave to the Norwegian government which they commissioned we pointed out every area is like a major disaster area as if you 've been hit by an earthquake in every area of human activity and that situation needs something like a martial plan if we are , a martial aid plan , if we 're to address it but in the world we live in there 's no prospect of such assistance coming to Southern Africa .
29 This is the precise pineapple I gave to Mrs Rodriguez as a ‘ Get Well Soon ’ present .
30 What I w what I will say to my honourable , my right honourable friend is that er when I recently visited the United States I did find that the , on which our training and enterprise councils have been based , have provided a very valuable experience for us in learning the lessons that he had indicated of ensuring that the private sector is fully involved in decisions over training and I believe that the figure I gave to my honourable friend early today , combined with over two billion that my department spends on training , forms a very effective public private sector partnership .
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