Example sentences of "i [vb mod] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 we get on the train at , most of them get on at Elstree luckily so what we do is we open the doors and they 're always crowding up the bit where the door is and they say excuse me may I get on please ?
2 Please do not hesitate to telephone me should you need more information .
3 Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information or assistance .
4 Please also contact me should you wish any advice .
5 Please contact me should you feel sufficiently interested to wish to inspect the original deed and I will make the necessary arrangements — subject to it remaining available .
6 Right well I let's I I I would go for schools if I were you .
7 And if I may we 'll set something up for them and we 'll try and get the shirt on the telly and whatever and try and get people to remember .
8 If I may I 'll call tomorrow . ’
9 If I may I 'll tackle the second one first , and that is to say the proposed er alteration to the compensation regulations .
10 Er if I may I 'll speak and then I 'll give you an amendment which I think will be more constructive than the proposed resolution .
11 Er , sir , er yesterday I received a letter from the Institute of Trading Standards Administration , and if I may I 'll read a paragraph from it .
12 Nothing in between you do n't have to revise , even if you know next week I may I do n't know , I may ask you to get on with unit seven .
13 I may he may I may have died in the end but still , you know he wanted to keep the peace and wanted to be his friend .
14 The works of Stitt , Dorham and Bud Powell are also key to the bop style of jazz ; picking a high point is difficult but if I must I 'll go for ‘ Bebop in Pastel ’ ( Powell quintet ) , which is a quintessential bebop track .
15 I must I think it is anyway .
16 And this is the great chamber , and this is where their tour ends I think if we just go back if we go straight back into the place we started , and so just finish it off , then I must I must finish off as well .
17 I must I must have been I must have been on good form that day
18 Well , I 'll help you , I 'll be round , I 'll be here helping but I must I want to get on with some work .
19 I should they are hot !
20 Do you reckon I should her down ?
21 That does n't seem to me to be a very satisfactory way of detecting that these systems were n't working and with such complex systems as we 've got such as the system , it would take one person quite a number of minutes , if not hours , to check all the lights so I very much recommend this system and I should I suppose declare an interest when you start to talk about bulbs
22 Oh I should I should
23 I should I should have some idea about selling the house .
24 I think I should I mean
25 That fella up at Cecil 's , I should he must be getting a fortune .
26 Yes , but I should you 'd get one of those boxes in the end
27 I should you know .
28 I 'm not necessarily in connection with anything I might it 's it 's very common practice in my experience which seems to me very reasonable .
29 and all I 'm gon na say , I 'm not gon na ask you to say well I might , I might , I might you need to have sorted out exactly what you 're doing in there whilst you give
30 In the end I might you know .
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