Example sentences of "i [vb mod] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Excuse me let's eat tonight mind .
2 On the other hand if I am in a drama experience my own actions and things about me may trap me into believing I am in an actual event .
3 Making love to me may help you to forget for a while , but it wo n't change the feelings you obviously still have for her , whether you care to admit it or not . ’
4 This does n't mean that the others had no ‘ powers ’ , that they seemed to do little for me may have been my own lack of receptivity .
5 My main concern , however , on this throbbing morn , is to reassure any of my admirers whose opinion of me may have been diminished by David and Ted 's startling revelations concerning the use to which I have been known to put my sinuses .
6 I am prepared to accept that anyone who knows me may dislike me , but when someone who can not dislike me because they do n't know me , attacks me , I collapse inside , I lose eloquence , I get frightened , sometimes I cry .
7 Phil is an ardent Stoke City supporter and season ticket holder and colleagues joked me may need to ‘ get away from it all ’ as he is still trying to shrug off his team 's F.A .
8 as if someone like me should have sat there quietly like a mouse , demure and repressed !
9 He said to me should add erm you know like being
10 People are bound to miss Gary Lineker but successors like me must score a few and establish reputations of their own . ’
11 ‘ I think all the businessmen sitting around me must think I am mad .
12 Everything Fiona and Tremayne believed of me must have looked inevitable at that moment .
13 Feeding me must have been painful , and perhaps therefore an unpleasant emotional experience .
14 He says me must have had his reasons .
15 Mick and me must drive them all there .
16 Well it lukks as if I ll have tae mind wan thing when Ah meet your incomer pals , Isabel .
17 If you had a down day the other one would say well okay I let's go let's go and
18 I may rely on the arbitrator .
19 ‘ No , no , ’ said Dinah hastily , ‘ I am sure that I may rely upon your word .
20 ‘ Give me a light that I may tread safely
21 I SAID to the man who stood at the gate of the year , ‘ Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown ’ .
22 I wonder if I may offer some thoughts on this theme as I reflect on the situation facing Catholic Christians in our Church today .
23 I will start by saying that any conclusions that I may offer , are exploratory .
24 In fact you said er again if if I may offer you one of your quotes erm , If you have back benchers who wo n't support you , that limits governments abilities to take decisions .
25 This will give me better control over any fish I may hook , for they will no doubt try to charge into the lilies on either side of the swim .
26 Any scandal I may commit in my period out of my home would seriously affect my younger brothers and sisters .
27 In order to be as free as possible , that my will have the greatest possible range consistent with the similar will of others , it is necessary that there be a way in which I may commit myself … .
28 If I use the expression ‘ I have toothache ’ I may think of it as ‘ being used naturally ’ or otherwise , but it would be wrong to say that I had a reason for thinking either .
29 In choices of means , I may pay severely for failing to recognize the equality of personal as of spatial and temporal viewpoints , if for example I lose awareness of the fact that a competitor 's need and determination is as great as mine ; but in choosing between our ends , nothing compels me to feel the pull of his inclination equally with mine , other than a recognition that it is illogical to shut my eyes in one case to what I am forced to acknowledge in the other .
30 I may long for her .
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