Example sentences of "i [be] give " in BNC.

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1 ‘ But I 'll need some support if I am to give him the service he wants .
2 I am to give the first reading .
3 A very special vessel indeed , I am given to understand .
4 I am spell-bound by the sound of French , infuriated when I ca n't read it in the books I am given .
5 " Now then … in 1959 your husband came to the conclusion , and I am given to understand that you fully agreed , that it would be a sensible step for him to take employment for 15 months with a construction firm in Central America , in order to save the larger part of his salary Nenna protested that she had never exactly thought it sensible , it was the parting of lovers , which must always be senseless , but they 'd both of them thought that David , Panama , would be a wretched place to take small children to .
6 It is perfectly genuine with Ana and not at all uncommon , as I am given to understand .
7 I am given to understand that this will apply to Scotland also .
8 ‘ It is difficult for me to find the limits of the car yet because I am given only a limited number of laps and I do n't know the circuit . ’
9 For years now I have conducted a personal campaign , always asking if I can have , for example , a five or three amp fuse instead of the one I am given , a 13 amp .
10 I have a battle to win and would ask only that I am given the chance to do so without intrusion in my private life .
11 I am giving him the chance to be his own publisher , ’ said Mr Maxwell .
12 In each case , if I am to claim that this revelation or experience is of ‘ God ’ , and is not simply an expression of some form of mental delusion which should be referred to a psychoanalyst , then I am forced to debate the interpretation that I am giving .
13 Successful hedonists are , for short periods , very sensitive to the feelings of those with whom they talk , drink or make love , postpone the question ‘ Am I getting as much as I am giving ? ’ , and do not revert to egoism until the party is over .
14 I am giving up my throne for the woman I loathe
15 ‘ Good , ’ said Miss Hardbroom , ‘ then you will understand why I am giving you one hundred lines which will say ‘ I must tell the truth at all times . ’ ‘
16 ‘ Bowe has always said that I am the man he wants more than anybody and now that I am giving him the perfect opportunity , he is shying away from it .
17 I am giving poor Father the benefit of the doubt .
18 I am giving this judgment in open court at the request of all parties .
19 One young man , son of one of the national leaders here , said the other day , ‘ I am giving my life to change Rhodesia . ’
20 I am giving Gittel-plus-nine much too easy a time .
21 I am afraid I am giving you a great deal of trouble . ’
22 I am giving them the most careful and thorough consideration , and I shall reach a decision and announce it as soon as I can .
23 The business sponsorship incentive scheme has been a great success and I am giving further encouragement to sponsorship of the arts by increasing its budget by £1 million a year to £4.5 million .
24 I am giving my hon. Friend the correct answer ; if he has asked the wrong question , that is his problem .
25 I am giving the industry two full years to bring in lined glasses .
26 The National Institute of Economic and Social Research has stated that , in the longer term — I am giving the hon. Member for Derby , North ( Mr. Knight ) his answer .
27 ‘ But I have been approached to consider seeking a nomination in another ward and I am giving that some consideration .
28 I AM GIVING you life
29 I am giving him eyes he never had .
30 I am giving no figures …
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