Example sentences of "i [adv] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 You see , what troubled me most I think , was the apparently vast , shapeless extent of it .
2 Take me somewhere I 've never been before .
3 Outside the last bar the cab was waiting remorselessly , the driver with his face averted , waiting to take me somewhere I did n't want to go .
4 when he said ‘ Look , will you help me clear her
5 Eyeing me suspiciously she said , ‘ Are n't we all ! ’
6 Smiling at me politely he said , in his still slightly-accented voice , " Sit down , Miss Graham .
7 See , right if he still was n't speaking to me properly I would n't have brought that off him !
8 There 's women give me right what-for
9 There 's some fellas after me right who want me blood serious you know they do n't let 'em catch me Vic please .
10 I had often rehearsed the choice phrases which I would use on this very occasion but the sight of the animal restrained me ; if he had come to consult me professionally I could hardly start pitching into him right away .
11 But he says he 's gon na pay me on he 's gon na give me the money on Tuesday
12 What did you say to me on he phone when I was talking to Tracey ?
13 Er you sent me on I 'm gon na go , and I came up before the receptionist .
14 It was as if I owed him financially for everything he 'd given me , he 'd drawn up a sort of balance sheet , setting adoption against the chances he 'd given me ; because he 'd taken me on I owed him .
15 Without the spectators cheering me on I do n't think I could have had such a good race .
16 If it 's below sea-level we 'll just say that if it 's you owe me rather I owe you
17 Ask me nicely what
18 It struck me suddenly we were within two weeks of Christmas .
19 We 'll talk again when you can tell me sensibly what you 're on about . ’
20 He told me so himself . ’
21 ‘ Then he can bloody well tell me so himself . ’
22 He told me so himself . ’
23 You told me so yourself . ’
24 And it was Alec that was driving and Will Will , he said mind where your about Alec , you 'll er you 'll soon be in a ditch but good 's sake he said it 's not me So they were both
25 ‘ Told me so herself .
26 When I went to drama school it was all very new to me so I did n't have any real comparisons to make — which is a good thing .
27 When she s finished combing , she puts the mirror on the table in front of me so I can see myself .
28 Now though it is all very secure for me so I will not be going back , ’ she said .
29 And then the whitewater caught me so I proned out and hung on — I was eaten up then I was spat out and then I was eaten up again and spat out again and the beach was right there , so I threw the board away and just rolled and rolled and tumbled , and I ended up in the river on the far side of the berm . ’
30 That sounded great to me so I opted for the hike .
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